Identity Verification Services Development: Swordfish

We built a set of top-market identity verification service apps that fully automated contacts data gathering and management, making it a 1-minute procedure.

About Swordfish AI

Our client is a global information technology and research company. It started in 2015 as a data mining company, ListGenie. Since then, it has become an international company with a headquarters in Dover, the USA, and an R&D center in Israel.

Swordfish AI is focused on providing identity verification services to help recruiters, HR, sales, and marketing specialists investigative professionals, find the fitting candidates, and prevent fraud. Their online services, browser extensions, and desktop apps connect to over 200 network data partners and live apps simultaneously, allowing fully automated contact information finding and structuring.

This platform is used to find you the world's most valid and up-to-date information by such giants as NASA, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, The New York Times, Intel, and many others, with 4.9 stars out of 5 possible at Gartner Peer Insights. Recently, it has been recognized as "The Ultimate Contact Finder" by ERE Media, the industry leader in recruiting news and insights.


the USA




11 months


20-25 engineers

Tech stack



world-trusted platform for contacts finding


network data sources processed simultaneously


compliant with CGPR and CCPA

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Challenges of Creating Identity Verification Services

Quick contact finding and secure identity verification are of core importance for businesses of all sizes and industries, but up until now, there was no ultimate solution in the market that could quickly and seamlessly provide companies with the needed personal data.

Swordfish AI, being a world-trusted information technology and research company, decided to create a series of game-changing digital solutions, introducing identity verification as a handy 1-minute service. They aimed to make contact gathering and management procedures fully automated, quick, and easy for recruiters, sales representatives, security, and other specialists.

They decided to create 3 different solutions: a desktop app for Windows and macOS, an online data verification website, and a browser extension. All of these solutions should provide identity verification services internationally, and be user-friendly, quick, and flexible so that specialists in any position could easily use them to cover their needs and everyday tasks.

In other words, they were looking for a software vendor able to reach the following goals:

  • Develop a set of 3 identity verification applications: a desktop app, an online platform, and a browser extension with custom functionality;
  • Refactor the already existing parts of the website’s architecture and include them into the final product;
  • Create a catching custom design for all the applications based on the corporate branding, logo, and styles;
  • Automate the process of data research, gathering, and structuring of the gained results, so it could be done seamlessly for a user;
  • Ensure strict GDPR and CCPA compliance of the system, so it could prevent all types of fraud and data loss;
  • Enable bug-free work of the identity verification system with complex data mining logic, high variability of results, and flexibility of the pricing plans and features involved;
  • Provide full technical support and maintenance for digital identity verification products.

To cover these ambitious goals, Swordfish AI was looking to partner with a reliable development team of highly skilled frontend, backend, and DevOps specialists, able to create the fitting architecture for all the apps and integrations. The additional challenge laid in the fact that some part of the website architecture was already written by a third-party software vendor, but it wasn’t successful and required complete refactoring, before being included in the future app.

The important factors in choosing a new partner were strong background in React and Python, cloud infrastructure, and following the CI/CD best practices of the team. They also cared about the time zone and the fluent level of English of the chosen identity verification service providers, as they wanted to integrate new developers into their in-house processes.

After a long period of searching, the client came upon our company profile and decided to set up an introductory call. During the call, they shared the project details, all the apps’ requirements, and expectations for the timeline. Soon after that, Swordfish AI chose Fively as the best-suiting software company for these secure identity verification services creation. Our fruitful collaboration started in 2020 and lasted for 11 months.

How Fively Built The Best Identity Verification Service

During this project, Fively frontend, backend, and DevOps engineers, as well as design and QA specialists worked closely with the client’s in-house team to build a top-market online identity verification service, using the smart strategy described below.

Project architecture. The project flow was divided into three parts. Firstly, our Electron developers used the full potential of this framework to create a modern and fast desktop application for identity verification.

Then, our React and Python engineers worked with the client’s in-house team to create a smart, user-friendly, and intuitive online app for identity verification. The main challenge at that step was in refactoring the existing parts of the website’s architecture built on Ginger, Angular, JQuery, and Python, and then connecting them with the new architecture created by our specialists.

We successfully finished the needed refactoring and then built the missing architecture parts of the identity verification service using React, Python, FastAPI, Flask, IIS, and Github Actions as a toolset. After all the intermediate works were finished, the 3 parts of the website’s architecture were interconnected together using Ginger cutting-edge programming language and React framework.

And finally, we created a handy extension for the Chrome browser using React framework. All the 3 identity verification services for marketplaces were interconnected using smart logic built by our software specialists.

Team structure. To implement the full scope of this electronic identity verification project tasks, we dedicated a special team, consisting of 21 of our highly-proficient engineers. The team structure was as follows:

  • 8 frontend engineers;
  • 7 backend engineers;
  • 1 DevOps specialist;
  • 3 quality assurance specialists;
  • 1 project manager;
  • 1 UI/UX designer.

Communication tools. During this identity verification use case, we worked closely with the client’s software team and ensured the top level of transparency on the project’s progress. We provided the client with daily stand-ups from all the project members as well as weekly meetings to talk about the current status of the team, managed the project delivery through Trello, and discussed any arising technical issues via Slack. We also used email for in-team communication, as well as GitHub for project management.

The chosen communication, technical, and diligent project management solutions allowed us to successfully cover all the identity verification project’s goals, implement a rich set of custom features, and build a transparent and partner-like cooperation model with the client. Our developers were open to any discussions, always put quality first, and went the extra mile when it was needed.

Results of the Identity Verification Case Study

Swordfish AI team, just as the final users of the created online identity verification services, were highly satisfied with the project’s results. Only within 11 months, we managed to refactor the existing architecture and create a set of the best identity verification services, available in the market. Below you can find the project results in detail.

  • We built a set of 3 game-changing contact data verification services with custom and scalable functionality: a desktop app, an online platform, and a browser extension with custom functionality. Each of the apps has various business plans so that their users can choose the fitting one and turn on more capabilities right when they need them.
  • Fively specialists implemented deep refactoring of the already existing parts of the website architecture and connected them with the new ones. Due to the chosen smart strategy, every app now works smoothly, seamlessly, and quickly.
  • Our engineers made the process of personal data collection, research, and structuring of a fully automated 1-minute procedure so that any specialists with no technical background can these products to fulfill their daily tasks. Plus, the gained results can be easily shared, copied, re-used, migrated to external resources, or shared with various customers’ company departments in several clicks.
  • We provided the apps with powerful data gathering capabilities due to the use of more than 200 network data sources that are being processed simultaneously and a blend of both email validation and phone line real-time connectivity validation before returning results to the users. This allows our users to get the most accurate data on a chosen person with almost 80% accuracy on cell phone data and more than 95% on email data results.
  • Fively specialists enabled 100% secure and bug-free work of the identity verification service website with hundreds of variable values such as business email addresses, cell phone numbers, personal email addresses, direct dials, country, industry, position, etc. All the apps are fully GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, have robust anti-fraud protection, as well as continuous technical support from our software specialists.

As a result of this project on developing identity verification services for financial, recruitment, marketing, and other departments, we created the #1 world-trusted platform for contacts finding, which is chosen by top-market players such as Tesla, Microsoft, Deloitte, and others, and the client is highly satisfied with the result of our cooperation.

CEO at Swordfish AI

Tech Stack for Digital Identity Verification Services

Our specialists pay close attention to choosing the best-fitting software tools and technologies for our custom projects. These top-market identity verification services were created using the following tech stack:

  • Electron
  • Angular
  • React
  • Ginger
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Flask
  • FastAPI

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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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