Custom eCommerce Software Development Services

We develop custom eCommerce solutions that are scalable, robust, and mobile⁠-⁠friendly. Our expertise allows us to build eCommerce solutions for various industries. Our clients are startups and enterprises. We deliver bespoke software and provide eCommerce customization services.

eCommerce Development Services We Provide

We offer all types of eCommerce development services for startups and established businesses. Our services include consulting, audit, eCommerce website design, customization, development, modernization, and more.


Tech consultations (for B2B, B2C, C2C)

We are an eCommerce development company that provides technical consultations for various business models, including B2B, B2C, and C2C, to help you choose an effective solution to match your goals.


eCommerce MVP development

We provide custom eCommerce software development and MVP development, building new platforms from scratch and adding unique functionality to cater the needs of your target audience.


eCommerce web app engineering

We offer eCommerce software development, building robust, feature⁠-⁠rich, smoothly working eCommerce web applications to help you provide excellent user experiences for sellers and buyers.


eCommerce integrations

We offer bespoke eCommerce app development and multiple third⁠-⁠party integrations to increase efficiency and create new opportunities for the users and administrators of your eCommerce solution.


eCommerce automation

We can build an eCommerce development solution to provide complete automation of repetitive tasks that are usually conducted on the admin panel of any eCommerce platform. Automation saves a lot of time.


Legacy eCommerce modernization

We provide custom eCommerce development and modernization of outdated software and legacy applications. Modernization of eCommerce solutions is critical when you are entering new markets or want to engage more customers.

Data migration

eCommerce software migration

We provide eCommerce application development and migration to various platforms to boost the performance. Software migration experts craft the strategy and prepare everything for seamless data transfer.


eCommerce store customization

We apply best practices of eCommerce website design to deliver customized B2B eCommerce solutions bringing user⁠-⁠friendly and personalized experiences to buyers and sellers on your eCommerce website.

Custom eCommerce Development Success Stories

We build bespoke eCommerce shopping cart solutions for large enterprises and create new features for legacy eCommerce solutions. Discover a variety of eCommerce projects that we developed for various businesses.

Assuring Quality for Supply Chain Management Tool: Opply

Assuring Quality for Supply Chain Management Tool: Opply

We delivered top-tier QA services to Opply, ensuring the flawless performance of a modern supply chain management tool with over 1.2 million of daily users.

A Profit Recovery Platform for eCommerce: SellerBench

A Profit Recovery Platform for eCommerce: SellerBench

We helped to create a game-changing profit recovery platform enabling stores with 3 times faster and easier revenue cash back than the competition.

ECommerce Platform Development: Sellix

ECommerce Platform Development: Sellix

Our specialists created a revolutionizing solution for platform development, which allows building your own custom e-store in several minutes.

A Marketplace Development Solution: Making a Review Website

A Marketplace Development Solution: Making a Review Website

Fively software specialists took part in making a complex multipurpose review website for a rapidly growing online marketplace company.

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

Fively created a chrome extension for invoice workflow processing that provided customers with a personalized experience and allowed to increase sales up to 77%.

IT Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry: DermSource

IT Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry: DermSource

Our specialists created a revolutionizing product platform with custom CMS, promoting IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry throughout the USA.

CMS Development for a Product Ordering Website

CMS Development for a Product Ordering Website

Fively engineers built from scratch a custom CMS for product ordering website, which significantly facilitated the way people and organizations buy water.

Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company

Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company

Fively provided Magento CMS customization services for a company to create a brand-new website with recurring payments integration.

Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines

Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines

Our engineers have developed a wine and spirits website that helps the family-run business sell their best vintages to the world.

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify case study on abandoned cart recovery solution development with personalized SMS notification, that increased consumers' conversion by 40%.

Why Choose Fively

We are an eCommerce development company that have been delivering eCommerce solutions to businesses of various kinds and sizes. We leverage up⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠date technologies to build robust and featuret⁠-⁠rich products.


Long⁠-⁠lasting partnership

Fively provides quality eCommerce development solutions, combined with professional consulting and technical support. This is why 35% of the clients stay with us and continue using our services.


Reliable eCommerce products

Our development team invests lots of time into software testing at every stage of eCommerce app development to ensure excellent quality, stable work, and data security.


Cutting⁠-⁠edge technologies

Our team has profound knowledge of technologies to implement various features and provide custom software for modern eCommerce companies.


Experienced development teams

With us, you can hire a full cycle development team with experience in architecture, eCommerce system design and development, migration, testing, and modernization.

Types of eCommerce Solutions We Create

Fively is an eCommerce app development company that implements various solutions for the industry, including custom eCommerce projects, CMS, CRM systems, web portals, PWAs, and more.

Best Tech Stack for Custom eCommerce Development

Development teams at Fively use a selection of eCommerce web development tools – research and analysis software, programming languages, design tools, technologies for backend, frontend, cloud, database, API development, and more.









Cost of an eCommerce Development Project

Startups and larger companies have different technical and business requirements that will affect the cost of app development. One more factor is the number and complexity of features and integrations.


Type of an eCommerce solution


Design complexity


Need for MVP development


Size of a development team


Experience level of developers


Number of integrations

Need eCommerce integration, development or modernization services?

Experts at Fively will estimate your project for free.

eCommerce Software Development Steps

The development process at Fively has multiple stages and includes different specialists to ensure quality results. Our goal is to build an eCommerce app for your business to achieve desired outcomes.


Analysis stage

We collect and analyze your requirements before we begin to design and build an app. This helps us to consider opportunities and risks.


Requirements systematization

We systemize your requirements keeping in mind what features are the priority. One more requirement to consider is budgeting for an eCommerce project.


Architecture design

Software architects provide expertise in planning a reliable and scalable custom eCommerce platform that will grow and evolve with your business.


UX\UI design

Experienced UX\UI designers apply best practices for eCommerce web design to create user⁠-⁠friendly solutions and customize Shopify⁠-⁠based projects to fit your goals.


Development and testing

We implement selected features and thoroughly test the functionality during the process of eCommerce app development, using manual and automated testing.



We offer support and maintenance services per request. This usually includes fixes and functionality improvements by eCommerce software developers.

Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom eCommerce development?

Custom eCommerce development is the process of designing and building an online shopping platform tailored to a business's unique requirements and goals, rather than using a pre-existing template or solution. Custom eCommerce solutions provide greater flexibility, scalability, and the ability to integrate specific features or add-ons to the solution.

What are the benefits of a Custom e-Commerce development?

Benefits of custom eCommerce software development:

  1. Tailored experience: Built to fit unique business needs.
  2. Scalability: Easily adapts to business growth.
  3. Enhanced security: Advanced measures to protect data.
  4. Optimized performance: Fast loading and smooth interactions.
  5. Unique features: Specialized features for streamlined performance.
  6. Better integration: Seamless connection with business systems.
  7. Competitive edge: Stand out from the competition.
  8. Flexibility: Make changes without constraints.
  9. Ownership control: No recurring license fees.
  10. Cost efficiency: Economize the budget in the long run.

What is eCommerce software development?

When we talk about eCommerce software solutions development, we mean a multi-stage process of designing, implementing, and ensuring the best quality of custom eCommerce solutions for the web, mobile, desktop, and cloud. During the coding phase, QA engineers and eCom store developers conduct lots of tests to deliver a stable and convenient platform for future users.

What are the important features of eCommerce software?

Must-have features of an eCommerce platform for sellers and buyers include:

  1. Simple navigation: Allows users to browse and find products quickly and easily.
  2. Content management tools: Enable sellers to update, manage, and organize website content efficiently.
  3. Pricing tools: Let sellers set, adjust, and offer special prices or discounts.
  4. Search system with filters: Helps buyers quickly find desired items by refining search results.
  5. Shopping cart: Provides buyers a space to store and review selected items before purchase.
  6. Payment gateways: Facilitates secure and diverse payment options for purchases.
  7. Marketing and promotional tools: Helps sellers launch campaigns, offer deals, or send newsletters.
  8. Analytics and reporting: Sellers can monitor sales, traffic, and performance metrics.
  9. Order processing: Streamlines the handling, confirmation, and dispatch of customer orders.
  10. Rates and reviews: Enables buyers to share feedback, and potential customers to gauge product quality.

What are the top eCommerce Development Technology Stacks?

The LAMP and MEAN stacks are prominent selections for custom eCommerce application development due to their diverse features and tools, suitable for different business needs and technical proficiencies. For frontend development, React is predominantly favored, whereas .Net, Python, and Node.js are top picks for backend tasks.

What is a web portal for eCommerce?

Web portals for eCommerce are different from regular websites. The main difference is the audience of users. If you need web portal development services, this probably means that you want to target a specific group of people that will register on your eCommerce web portal to see its content and take certain actions. Users register as buyers or sellers on such an eCommerce platform; they have different interfaces based on their roles.

Why build a custom eCommerce website?

Creating a custom eCommerce site enables companies to shape the digital shopping environment according to their goals and brand essence. Customized eCommerce solutions offer high adaptability, growth potential, and a top-notch user experience, distinguishing your business from rivals.

Can you build an eCommerce site from scratch?

Yes, we can – custom eCommerce development services is our specialization. The best thing about bespoke eCommerce software development is that you can choose exactly what you need, for example, integrations with more payment gateways or custom CMS development.

What can influence your e-commerce website development budget?

  1. Type and complexity of the website: Whether it's a marketplace, online retailer, or single brand impacts design and functionality needs.
  2. Developers’ employment model and rates: Costs vary between in-house teams, offshore developers, or freelancers, as well as vary depending on their seniority level.
  3. Size of the project’s team: The number of experts working on the project.
  4. Development duration: Time taken to build and launch the site.
  5. Costs for hosting, domain, SSL, and PCI compliance: Essential elements for system security and accessibility.
  6. Count of third-party integrations: Integrating tools like payment gateways, CRM systems, or social media APIs.
  7. SEO efforts: Regular platform audits for optimization, impacting visibility and user experience. Costs can differ based on website size.

What kind of applications do eCommerce businesses use?

There are different types of eCommerce systems. You can create an eCommerce web application, mobile application, CRM system, online store, marketplace for B2C or B2B sales, and more. You can choose a custom solution (for example, custom marketplace development) or opt for redesign and customization of an open source solution and develop Magento or Shopify eCommerce projects .

What eCommerce software/platform would you recommend for a small startup?

Startups usually need to develop and launch an MVP quickly to test a new idea on real users. This is what we recommend starting with an open source platform like Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify. You can add more features and APIs, integrate analytics, customize this ready-made solution to fit your business model, etc. We provide full cycle Shopify development services for startups working in the eCommerce industry.

What are the eCommerce software requirements?

There are some important technical and business requirements for eCommerce projects:

  • Web hosting: fast-working, secure, and stable;
  • Mobile version of an eCommerce website: responsive design to be user friendly on all devices and in each popular browser;
  • UX/UI design: convenient and clear;
  • Checkout process: quick and easy;
  • Sales channels: easily integrated;
  • Brand pages: transparent information about products;
  • All website pages: SEO-friendly.

Where can I find outsource eCommerce software developers?

The shortest way to hire experienced developers is to contact an eCommerce app development company like Fively. We will select the right team for your project. The size and location of the team of eCommerce software developers is also an important pricing factor. You will normally require a larger team of eCommerce engineers for a complex project with lots of features and integrations. In addition, some regions and countries can provide you with quality services that cost less. For example, many startups and large companies hire skilled eCommerce developers in Eastern Europe.

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