Google Chrome Extension Development Services

We provide a wide range of Google Chrome extension development services, including the engineering of various custom plugins and add⁠-⁠ons for both small businesses and large⁠-⁠scale corporations to enrich your browsing experience and make it more impactful.

Chrome Extension Development Examples and Popular Use Cases

Chrome extension development provides you with an opportunity to add brand⁠-⁠new desired browser actions, customize the user interface of Chrome, and interact with all the web pages on the Internet in a meaningful way.

Here are some examples of the most popular variations of Google Chrome extensions.


Social Media Google Chrome Extensions


Mobile App Extensions for Google Chrome


eCommerce Google Chrome Extensions


Custom Toolbar Building Services


Content Management Plugins


Chrome Extensions for Content Sourcing

More Chrome Web Extensions Development Case Studies

At Fively, we have vast experience designing and engineering web solutions. Check out our latest browser extension development projects.

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

We have created an identity and access management automation system that is recommended for use even by the association of Danish Auditors.

Identity Verification Services Development: Swordfish

Identity Verification Services Development: Swordfish

We built a set of top-market identity verification service apps that fully automated contacts data gathering and management, making it a 1-minute procedure.

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

Fively created a chrome extension for invoice workflow processing that provided customers with a personalized experience and allowed to increase sales up to 77%.

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Fively's engineers have provided machine learning chatbot development assistance to a large augmented reality platform headquartered in Europe.

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify case study on abandoned cart recovery solution development with personalized SMS notification, that increased consumers' conversion by 40%.

Chrome Extensions Development Benefits

The Chrome browser extension development is a major step forward taken by an increasing number of modern companies that do not want to be dragged behind their competitors. Such custom browser solutions have a great number of advantages that cannot be ignored. Here are just some of them.

Key success

Get a key to a prosperous business

By developing a Chrome extension, you can integrate various background scripts and therefore add value to the workflow. Take it up a notch!


From anywhere, anytime

You don't need much to use a custom solution with advanced functionality - just a pre⁠-⁠installed Google Chrome browser.


Functioning on different platforms

If the device has a Google Chrome Web Store, then it may have your bespoke browser extension installed and running properly.


Budget⁠-⁠friendly and result⁠-⁠oriented

Chrome web extension development is less resource⁠-⁠intensive and more affordable than developing a full⁠-⁠scale application.


Hassle⁠-⁠free 3rd party integration

Chrome extensions are a great tool to enhance the capabilities of one of the most widely used browsers using separate extension files.


A workflow automation solution

Custom⁠-⁠made Chrome extensions can be a good start to automating many business processes within your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a small application for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and other web browsers that functions as a plugin. Such solutions are used to customize the browser and provide a more unique user experience.

Being handy and price-performant, custom browser extensions have become popular with businesses, that use them for content management, eCommerce automation, social media interactions, and so on.

Why do I need a browser extension?

Many companies, regardless of the industry, are turning to Google Chrome extension development services as it is the quickest and most profit-proven way to make a well-balanced tool like Chrome even more convenient and efficient.

In addition, plug-ins and add-ons for Google Chrome are not always exclusively independent tools. If you already have a popular software product, you can always reach even more new users by making it available as a browser extension for Chrome.

How much does it cost to develop a Chrome extension?

The cost of developing a browser extension depends on many variables, including the complexity of the architecture, the number of unique features, the technologies used, and the specialists involved.

If you decide to turn to Fively to develop an extension for Google Chrome, we’ll conduct a free consultation where we could thoroughly calculate the approximate cost of the project and discuss how to make the most of the limited budget.

How long does it take to build a Chrome extension?

Due to the fact that Google Chrome extension development tools are quite convenient to work with, creating plugins and add-ons does not take much time. It is possible to engineer a small business application for Chrome in 3-6 months.

The development time always varies depending on the complexity of the project and the scope of work.

Do I need to pay to publish a Chrome extension?

If you want to release your browser extension on the Chrome Web Store, you can pay a small fee of a few dollars to sign up as a developer and publish your Google Chrome extensions publicly or privately.

How to create a Chrome extension from scratch?

To get your own Chrome extension, all you need is a good idea and a free consultation from the experts at Fively.

First, we will help you decide on the type of extension and its functionality, taking into account your wishes and the available development budget.

When the roadmap is ready, our designers and Chrome extension developers will start implementing the project. This is a long phase, but you won't feel left out as we always update you on how the project is progressing. And so on until the very release!

After the application comes into users’ hands, we will continue to bring the product to perfection. We will analyze real-world feedback, fix emerging bugs, and prepare extension updates so that the app functions flawlessly with new versions of the Google Chrome browser.

The best Chrome extension developers and designers with extensive experience in building browser extensions will work on the implementation of your idea. So give your idea a fair shot!

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