IoT Application Development Services

IoT is forecasted to have a total economic value of up to $11 billion in 2025. Embark on IoT application development to join the ranks of the fast⁠-⁠growing market and enhance predictive maintenance and data analytics.

IoT Applications Examples: What Is IoT?

IoT is a lightbulb in your room that can be switched on remotely from another city. Change the lightbulb to a remote surveillance monitor and the room settings to an oil pipeline, and you’ll also have IoT! So, an IoT device is a physical object embedded with sensors and connected to the internet to send info about its surroundings.

IoT Application Development Services We Provide

We help companies pull off IoT device development projects to reduce the risks from hazardous activities, facilitate workflow automation, and make better business decisions with apps for wearables.

Success Stories

We confess our culpability for being dazzlingly good at custom software development. Explore how the outstanding projects Fively carried out helped businesses resolve all the set issues and increase profitability.

Assuring Quality for Supply Chain Management Tool: Opply

Assuring Quality for Supply Chain Management Tool: Opply

We delivered top-tier QA services to Opply, ensuring the flawless performance of a modern supply chain management tool with over 1.2 million of daily users.

Data Visualization Case Study: Veritree

Data Visualization Case Study: Veritree

In this data visualization case study, we cover a top-market web app for a nature restoration company that helped to plant > 12 424 600 trees worldwide.

IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control

IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control

Our engineers have taken part in an IoT application development project that enables 100% remote control for a 3D printer via a mobile phone.

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

The team of business analysts and engineers from Fively participated in the creation of a B2B blockchain powered platform for mobility providers.

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

We have provided our CRM customization services to the company, that electrifies dozens of widely-known music festivals all across Europe.

What Our Clients Say

Overcome Business Challenges with IoT Software

IoT development is a vast field that opens up new business opportunities and unravels enduring issues in the most inventive way possible: through interconnected physical objects’ ability to gather and analyze data.

Asset tracking and management

Attach IoT sensors to your assets to receive, at a particular frequency, accurate insights about the assets’ condition, usage hours, and location.

Supply chain optimization

Improve inventory management, get rid of supply chain blind spots, and prevent substitution by placing IoT on manufacturing floors and directly on items.

Energy management

Monitor energy consumption, regulate heat pumps remotely, and track energy equipment performance in real⁠-⁠time, receiving precise data for further analytics.

Predictive maintenance

Take a proactive approach and solve the problem before it intensifies. IoT monitors can determine the weak points and hint at the right maintenance strategy.

Remote monitoring and control

Regulate and stay permanently updated and informed about your on⁠-⁠site equipment, from robotic assembly systems to liquid fill levels inside vessels.

Customer experience enhancement

Augment your shop with self⁠-⁠checkout options, touch⁠-⁠screen monitors, and smart shelves, and offer clients personalized items according to their location.

Safety and security improvements

Go for IoT platform application development to send managers alerts on expiration dates, instantly detect fraudulent behavior, and identify life hazards.

Data analytics and insights

Utilize the data gathered to hone marketing campaigns and business strategies, for example, by keeping track of an item after a customer purchases it.

Environmental monitoring

IoT devices allow for monitoring extreme weather conditions, the levels of water pollution, and even changes in the soil to prevent possible contamination.

Personal health and wellness

Internet of Things development is not only about big industries but also calories counting, heart rate tracking, sleep patterns, and motion range monitoring.

IoT: Smart Cars, Smart Homes, Wearable Devices

IoT is all around us! It's the sensors that catch temperature fluctuations and trigger the air conditioning actuators to regulate it; it's the voice commands to drive a car; and it's the detection of the equipment's most likely⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠brake points.


Want to know how much it costs to develop an IoT app?

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Our IoT Application Development Process

The convergence of consistent approach and exceptional skills of Fively’s team is the secure foundation to engender excellence in every Internet of Things development service we provide.


Business analysis

First and foremost, we analyze your current workflow and decide upon the issues you aim to solve with the new software and the objectives to hit.


UX/UI design

After understanding your niche, goals, and target audience, we proceed to the creation of the UI/UX that hits the spot for the needs of your clients.


Software development

Reaching the middle ground on the perfect tech stack and design patterns allows us to realize all the plans in the form of code.


QA and maintenance

We improve the code, making it bug⁠-⁠free for a seamless experience, and help with IoT device management to maintain the flawless state of an app.

We Develop IoT Solutions for Your Industry

Any business will be at an advantage with the Internet of Things, and Fively’s IoT application development services stretch across all industries for we’re always in the know about pioneering advancements and trends.

Choose a Perfect Tech Stack

Internet of Things software development is a narrow field that we’ve managed to tame to offer you a variety of tools for building an utterly trailblazing product. Ready to amaze your clients? Then, schedule a call with Fively!









AI and ML

Scikit Learn

Not sure what technologies you need?

Contact us, and we will help you to make the right choice.

Why Choose Fively

The IT community is rife with great IoT developers, but how many can truly capture your business needs and resolve them with a flawless software solution? On our side, we have numbers, a cogent proof of your rational choice.

5+ Years

in the IoT business

And we’ve dedicated twice as much to researching Internet of Things development tools and computer science.


experienced developers

Engineers, UX/UI designers, and project managers par excellence contribute their skills and knowledge to software.


are senior engineers

Their profound expertise and comprehension of IoT intricacies facilitate effective and all - rounded development.


successful projects

Software created by our Internet of Things (IoT) app development company helps businesses thrive from the very launch.

Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IoT the future of mobile app development?

IoT is ubiquitous, so it's apparently changing the mobile app development landscape. IoT technology makes it possible to provide users with more personalized content with the data gathered from sensors. Moreover, a mobile phone itself functions as a part of an IoT ecosystem and, through communicating with wearables and, for example, a smart speaker inside a house, can provide users with a seamless and highly customized online experience every time they’re surfing the net.

All the data collected about the person's preferences and behavioral patterns is advantageous to both businesses and clients, as the former gain more insights into their flaws. By weaving IoT into their business processes, entrepreneurs won’t be caught off guard, for most of the problems can be fixed through the careful monitoring and predictive analysis conducted by IoT accompanied by AI.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

IoT development companies usually charge business owners for the scope of work done. You can consider a comprehensive IoT ecosystem with several devices and cloud storage, or simply integrate the IoT functionality into a custom PWA. Hence, the more complex your IoT project is, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Moreover, the chosen architecture, tech stack, and design also play a part in determining the total amount. Feel free to contact us to learn the approximate price of your IoT solution.

How do I create an IoT app?

First, you need to form an idea about how you want to use IoT in your business. Think about the problems the technology will resolve and who will benefit from it. You can place monitors around the facility to optimize floor plans or learn how to position goods so that customers can notice them. Or, maybe you have the idea of creating a unique iOS app for the HealthTech industry on your mind. All in all, a bright idea is the first step towards a profitable software solution.

Then, address IoT developers who are ready to take on a job and guide you through the technical peculiarities of Internet of Things project development. If your business idea sparks the enthusiasm of the software team, you can bravely embark on the journey together!

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