CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

We have provided our CRM customization services to the company, that electrifies dozens of widely-known music festivals all across Europe.

About Volt

Volt is a Danish company that provides services for all significant festivals across Europe. Namely, it organizes the sale and rental of pocket chargers for the visitors of large public events. Volt used a simple CRM solution to track purchases and keep in touch with customers. But as the company grew, the CRM system needed to be updated. So the owners were looking for a team of experienced engineers to change the very essence of their outdated CRM platform.

Our engineers assisted Volt with CRM customization and configuration.




Event management


11 months


1-5 developers

Tech stack



popular festivals across Europe require Volt


festival-goers who may need a recharge


increase in sales forecast accuracy

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The Challenges of CRM Customization and Configuration

Modern business often relies on customizable CRM systems. Such solutions help companies to organize and accelerate many business processes related to customer service and customer experience. Present-day CRM apps are must-have applications for sales and marketing departments that are struggling to keep customers engaged and the entire business running.

What is CRM customization? The answer is quite simple. It often turns out that off-the-shelf systems need to be fine-tuned to become a great fit for all business requirements. In addition, with the passing of time, even once cutting-edge applications outlive their usefulness. Therefore, businesses turn to software companies that provide CRM customization and configuration services to blow the dust off their legacy CRM software.

In such cases, the development team needs to determine which strategy is best: updating an old piece of software or building a brand-new one from scratch. In the case of Volt, we tried to strike a compromise.

How Fively Helped Volt to Track Purchases

We started working with Volt in 2019. The event company already had a CRM system at its disposal, however, it was decided to upgrade it to give the sales teams more wiggle room and make the sales process even more efficient.

Our CRM software customization capabilities are not limited to custom UI implementation. So before proceeding to code writing, the engineers carefully studied the old system. We were thinking about how to track purchases in a more thoughtful way. We also reflected on how to arrange the management of leads contacts more meaningfully to provide our clients with a product having flawless architecture. When we had the design and the roadmap ready, our frontend and backend engineers started developing a new customizable CRM.

This was not our first ERP and CRM software customization project, so we understood how important it is to make the final product convenient for the end-user. We have worked closely with Volt’s employees to build customizable CRM software that will be neatly tailored to truly improve team performance.

Our cooperation lasted for a whole year. Leaving the best that was in the old system, we have thoroughly redone everything else. At the end of the day, Volt got a state-of-the-art CRM platform that was beyond reproach.

The Results of Our Cooperation

A completely redesigned CRM application has become the result of our 11-month-long joint work. Now, this powerful system is used at the 10 largest open-air events in Northern Europe such as Roskilde Festival, Copenhell, Northside, and Smukfest.

At the biggest festivals that Volt deals with, the number of visitors often exceeds 100,000 people. However, after our CRM customization, the robust software withstands all challenges like a breeze and helps Volt keep in touch with the customers again.

The company is growing in leaps and bounds. Today, Volt provides its charging services to an expanding number of open airs. And our feature-packed CRM system, which increases the accuracy of forecasting reports by up to 40%, helps them take their next well-thought-out steps in business.

Our history of cooperation with Volt is a clear example of how ERP and CRM software customization services can unleash the full potential of a business.

Rune Nielsen

a co-founder of Volt

Best Tech Stack for Customizable CRM Software

Our CRM software customization capabilities are extremely high because FIvely’s engineers work with the best technologies. Providing CRM customization services we use the following technologies.

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • React Native
  • JavaScript

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CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt
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