Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Fively has developed a cutting-edge custom medical resource management app for a chain of modern practices caring about numerous patients across Germany.

About AviMedical

AviMedical is a large chain of cutting-edge clinics in Germany. Their medical practices successfully combine traditional approaches and state-of-the-art technologies, providing not only personal appointments with physicians but also telemedicine services.

Nowadays, AviMedical is an innovation-based public health care services provider with 14 offices in Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin.






12 months


1-5 developers

Tech stack

React Native


practices all across Germany


patient contact their GPs in AviMedical via the mobile app

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A Medical Clinic App Is More Than an App for Medication Management

When it comes to the HealthTech industry, the first things that come to mind are usually low-tech mental health apps, similar specialist search solutions, and a whole bunch of different medication management applications that remind you to take pills and provide access to relatable clinical information. In reality, the universe of HealhTech software is much more diverse.

Without underestimating the importance of medication management apps, it’s impossible to deny that these solutions form just the tip of the iceberg. HealthTech is an industry within which much more complex software is being created for medical clinics or even national health systems that are used by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

At Fively, we also do our part in advancing the data resource management in the medical field to improve the quality of medical services globally. One of these important projects is the medical management app for AviMedical.

The Challenges of Medical Human Resource Management in Health Care

Healthcare providers rely on the rational allocation of resources, as this determines how effectively medical workers can provide care to patients. In no other industry does efficiency play such an integral role as in medicine. Health care professionals, patients, the procedure of time slot allocation – these are all pieces of a large and complex puzzle medical establishments have to deal with.

It is obvious to everyone that the lifesaving time of doctors should not be wasted, and patients should receive proper treatment in a timely manner. Nevertheless, organizing a flawless routine within the clinic is not a trivial task at all.

Medical resource management systems are being developed to address this challenge. Such resource planning platforms allow you to automate many aspects of the workflow, for example, they can handle medical practice management and human resources administration tasks or can assist you to manage medical bills.

How We Helped AviMedical Create a Resource Management App

We started cooperation with AviMedical in November 2020. AviMedcal managers were expanding their already existing development team, so our on-demand medical app developers worked in cooperation with in-house coders.

Our main goal was to build an application from scratch that will become an important part of the medical resource management system. Initially, there was already a design for the future application. We had been working to turn it into reality as a solid medical app for patient care that would be merged with a large resource planning and medical crew resource management platform.

Our mobile application was supposed to become not just a tiny bit in the medical management resources loop, but an essential link between clinics and their patients, something more than a simple medical booking app. So we paid due attention to making the app run like clockwork. Indeed, in this case, an impeccable user experience is a must for patients to be able to quickly and efficiently receive all the required medical care.

The Result

The result of our collaboration on medical mobile app development project is two robust mobile applications for iOS and Android that are capable of dealing with more than 10.000 patients on a day-to-day basis.

Via these applications, the patients of AviMedical can schedule appointments with their physicians and manage them if necessary. To save even more time, patients can fill out all medical questionnaires in the app before going to the clinic itself.

We have also implemented functionality that allows patients to view all laboratory results, medical prescriptions, and other documents related to their health via the app. With convenient access to the data about their conditions, clients will be able to make more informed decisions regarding the necessity for further examinations and treatment.

It is worth noting that the app makes it real for patients to reach out to their doctor at the touch of a button. The only fact that the GPs are literally close at hand can greatly facilitate clarifying all the blind spots and reducing the frequency of visits to the bare minimum

Bruno Monteiro

VP of engineering at AviMedical

Technology Stack for Medical Management App

Here is a list of the main technologies that were utilized by our engineers for the medical app development services in this case.

  • React Native

Success Stories

At Fively, we create unique software solutions for the HealthTech industry with React Native. Take a closer look at the other state-of-the-art products our React Native developers have worked on!

What is resource planning in healthcare?

Resource planning is an important practice in healthcare centered on the ability to make well-considered decisions with long- and short-term consequences. Medical practice management resources are often highly limited and require modern management and workflow automation tools to reach the most efficient way to allocate resources.

The right strategy in resource management can increase staff and patient satisfaction rates, improve the quality of care provided, slash the cost of care and reduce overspending. Also, resource management is inextricably linked with medical human resource management, including recruiting and training the staff.

What is a medical resource?

In the healthcare system, resources are considered to be all assets that require management and are vital for the operation of a medical institution. These include personnel and their knowledge, medical equipment and supplies, time and money, and so on.

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical
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