Parking App Development Case Study

A car parking app development study: Fively created a booking app for businesses that solved the parking problem at the Scandinavian airports.

About the Car Parking App Customer

Our client is a digital design and engineering consultancy company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Being driven by people and culture, they help numerous businesses raise their digital presence and sales by solving complex tasks, creating eye-catching designs, increasing brands’ awareness, and boosting end customers' trust and satisfaction. They aim to simplify business processes with innovative technologies and a customer-centric approach.

Our client is a part of the NoA consulting group of companies, the leading creative and tech family in the Nordics with over 1200 experts across offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Poland.




Parking management


4 months


5-10 engineers

Tech stack



popular parking app in Scandinavia


secure payment transactions


customer experience rate

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Challenges of Creating Car Parking Apps

Our client, being an ambitious software design company, aimed at simplifying the ordinary car parking procedure to help out people traveling by plane. Their bright team of design specialists wanted to build a parking booking app that could introduce a brand-new way of parking for travelers who value their time and comfort. A new solution should be a game-changing parking finder app with a modern user-friendly interface, intuitive structure, and high performance.

The core element in the future online booking app should be a robust location-based configuration tool that could monitor and offer the best-fitting free parking spaces near the chosen airport, as well as offer all supplementary services like a car wash, cleaning, etc. To create such a booking app, the free parking spaces should be automatically checked, verified, and updated in real-time.

Thus, the customer needed to find a professional team of custom software specialists, able to cover the following parking booking app development goals:

  • Build from scratch a parking booking mobile solution;
  • Create custom, intuitive, and user-friendly design for the parking app;
  • Enable real-time monitoring and updating of the free parking spaces and supplementary services near the airports;
  • Provide the tool with 100% security via authorization and login procedures;
  • Tune the proper work of the customers and admin's panels;
  • Enable personalization options based on customers' preferences and location;
  • Ensure stable bug-free work of the mobile platform and eliminate all bags in the UI.

For these purposes, the design company was looking for highly skilled React engineers who know how to create such a parking app from scratch, with a fitting architecture and a modern set of cloud technologies. They also cared much about the possible candidates' time- and project-management skills, as they needed them to know exactly how parking apps work, and to carry out the full project autonomously, with minimum customer involvement.

After quite a long period of searching for a vendor on software platforms, they came upon our profile and were impressed by the expertise they found there. They scheduled an introductory call with us, and soon choose Fively as the best-suiting parking app development company. After the client showed us all the parking solution development project details, our collaboration on a common project started in 2021 and lasted for 4 months.

How to Build a Parking App: Fively Experience

In order to implement the whole scope of this project’s goals, we provided the client with a specially dedicated team, consisting of 8 of our highly professional software specialists. Having a strong background in web and mobile development, as well as expertise in creating reservation apps for business, they quickly created a perfect architecture for the project.

Throughout the following 4 months, our parking app developers worked intensively to build a game-changing parking solution with robust personalization capabilities. During this project implementation, we used the strategy described below in detail.

Project architecture. Fively React specialists working together with backend engineers built a smart logic for this parking app development project to minimize costs, reach maximum business efficiency, and get the highest possible customer satisfaction rate.

Firstly, our designer created a smart and intuitive UI for the future mobile parking app. Then, our frontend and backend engineers, being managed by a professional project manager, created the core functionality for this parking service app using React Native framework, React and Redux libraries, as well as the Node.js platform. The functionality included multiple booking options, a secure admin panel, prompt online payments, as well as a set of personalization options.

After that, our DevOps specialist used the reach functionality of the AWS platform, including CloudWatch, S3, Lambda, and Aurora RDS to ensure the app’s flawless work in the cloud. At the final stages of the project, the whole team worked together to test the system, eliminate any bugs, and ensure its stable work.

This is how we used the capabilities of the chosen state-of-the-art toolset to build a parking booking app:

  • React Native for cross-platform solution development with a robust React toolset;
  • React library to use modular architecture in single-page app development;
  • TypeScript language for interfaces declaration and following best practices of OOP;
  • Redux library for data fetching, transforming, and management;
  • Node.js platform to provide API development of the parking booking app;
  • AWS S3 to upload, store and fetch any user files and documents;
  • AWS Lambda to perform all the administration of the parking booking app;
  • AWS CloudWatch for continuous app resources monitoring;
  • AWS Aurora RDS to easily operate and scale app data in the cloud.

Team structure. We implemented the full scope of this parking platform development project with 2 of our senior frontend engineers (each of them has deep expertise in React and Redux toolsets, as well as TypeScript language), 3 backend specialists who are well-versed in cloud database management, 1 highly proficient project manager, 1 DevOps specialist with deep expertise in the AWS toolset, as well as 1 UI/UX designer.

Communication tools. We have paid special attention to communication during this project, because we implemented the whole scope of tasks autonomously, including business analyses, project management, quality assurance, and maintenance.

From day 1 our project manager in cooperation with frontend and backend engineers estimated the scope of tasks, evaluated their complexity, divided them into sprints, and set deliverable deadlines. Then, our design and programming specialists worked on tasks following the Agile methodology.

We also had weekly project discussions with the client, where we shared our progress, solved all the arising issues, and chose the best-fitting technical solutions.

We mainly used GitHub for project management and status updates, plus Slack for brief discussions of the tasks. We also provided the client with regular standups and reports to enable clear communication during the parking solution development.

Car Parking App Development Project Results

Due to the chosen smart architecture, thought-out team structure, and modern technical stack, we managed to create a parking solution that not only helped people to park easier but introduced a brand-new way of booking a parking place at a touch of a button.

Only after 4 months of our dedicated team’s well-knit work on the parking app development project, we were ready to present its impressive results.

  • Fively team used the modern tech stack to build from scratch a parking booking mobile solution which has become one of the most popular parking apps in Scandinavia. Thus, all the platform users can easily book the parking space at the time they need according to the preferred parameters.
  • Our design specialist created catching, intuitive, and user-friendly design for the parking app in a really short time, which was highly appreciated both by the app's admins and customers.
  • We enable real-time monitoring and updating of the free parking spaces and supplementary services near the airports and linked them to the calendar. Now customers can check the parking spaces' availability, book, edit, and delete all the needed services at a touch of a button.
  • Our engineers enabled rich personalization capabilities for the app via the creation of user accounts with authorization and login procedures. Plus, we provided the platform with even more customization options based on customers' preferences, location, and previous orders
  • We enabled the parking app with a handy and totally secure online payment system with totally secure transactions and personal banking details, so now customers can pay for their booking on the go.
  • We followed the best practices of DevSecOps to provide the tool with 100% security in the cloud. Plus, we created a special admin panel, where app supervisors can monitor, adit, and moderate orders when needed.
  • Our developers, working with a DevOps specialist, ensured stable bug-free work of the mobile platform and eliminated all bugs in the UI, so the system achieved a high score in CoreWebVitals metrics and good SEO results.

Working in close cooperation with the client, we made the whole parking booking process totally transparent and digital, turning it into a 1-minute task. We created a perfect digital booking application, which has already become one of the most popular parking reservation apps throughout the whole Scandinavia region.

The client is highly satisfied with the game-changing parking management platform and with all the project results that introduced new ways of parking among the Scandinavian countries. We continue to collaborate with the client to support the high performance of the platform and equip it with even more cutting-edge functions according to the customers' needs

Technology Stack for a Parking App

Building the fitting architecture and choosing the right tools are the core puzzles in any custom software project success. This location-based app project was implemented using the following technologies.

  • React Native
  • React
  • Typescript
  • Redux
  • AWS Lambda
  • Node.js
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS S3

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Parking App Development Case Study
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