iOS App Development Services

60% of all US smartphones run iOS, and Apple is committed to growing its fan base. Take Fively aboard for the custom iOS app development to bring such a large and ever⁠-⁠growing audience an exceptional experience.

iOS Development Services We Provide

Nobility and sophistication are the first qualities Apple products conjure up. With our grasp of iOS lovers’ requirements amplified by solid tech expertise, we deliver supreme⁠-⁠quality services.


iOS app development consulting

Just perfect for those seeking expert guidance. What architecture and tech stack to choose? What kind of engineers you need? Fively’s here to help!


MVP engineering for Apple devices

Build an MVP to study your audience, and prove the worth of your idea with minimal investments before a full⁠-⁠fledged app development.


Custom iPhone development

Building custom iOS mobile apps brimming with innovation and new possibilities is the task our iOS developers will undertake with zeal.


Bespoke iPad engineering

Fively is ready to go for iPad app development — an excellent and secure iOS solution with a set of functionalities to attain your business vision.


Apple Watch development

Dependent or independent, with or without in⁠-⁠app purchases, enhanced with AI and IoT⁠-⁠select any features of seamlessly working app for iOS wearable devices.


Apple TV engineering

Apple TV is no longer about entertainment alone but also about maximizing customer engagement. Build an extension of your iOS app or a special tvOS product.

Success Stories

The capabilities of our engineers aren’t confined to iOS. Take a look at the sterling software we’ve already built to kindle the spark of ingenuity and come up with an idea for your own product.

Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

We implemented a social networking app development project to create a video-based event and content calendar enabling 100% direct celebrities-fans interaction.

IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control

IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control

Our engineers have taken part in an IoT application development project that enables 100% remote control for a 3D printer via a mobile phone.

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

We have created an identity and access management automation system that is recommended for use even by the association of Danish Auditors.

Parking App Development Case Study

Parking App Development Case Study

A car parking app development study: Fively created a booking app for businesses that solved the parking problem at the Scandinavian airports.

Daily Prayer Tracker App Development

Daily Prayer Tracker App Development

We created a user-friendly daily prayer tracker app that allows Christian prayers to collaborate, pray and reach common goals, building a like-minded community.

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Fively's engineers have provided machine learning chatbot development assistance to a large augmented reality platform headquartered in Europe.

Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company

Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company

Discover Fively expertise in anti-fraud solutions: read how we created a cutting-edge data protection analytical tool for a telecommunications company.

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify case study on abandoned cart recovery solution development with personalized SMS notification, that increased consumers' conversion by 40%.

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Fively has developed a cutting-edge custom medical resource management app for a chain of modern practices caring about numerous patients across Germany.

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

We have provided our CRM customization services to the company, that electrifies dozens of widely-known music festivals all across Europe.

Insurance Workflow Automation Solution

Insurance Workflow Automation Solution

Fively developed an insurance workflow automation solution that combines all steps from purchasing a policy to filing a claim and makes it a 5-minute procedure.

We Deliver iOS Apps for Various Business Domains

Go for custom iOS mobile application development for students, patients, or your team. Our iOS application developers have just the right background for you to tap into any lucrative market with a new iOS solution.

Enterprise apps

Make apps for billing automation or CRM, integrate them with other corporate software, and effectively manage workflow.

Cyber security apps

IOS solutions can introduce a solid layer of security, protecting your databases from cyberattacks and malware.

FinTech apps

Go for Apple app creation to show your vision of the tool for tracking personal finances, investments, or online payments.

mHealth apps

Custom iOS mobile apps can help to monitor your physical and mental health, and keep medical staff updated on all the vitals.

mCommerce apps

iOS native app development provides an opportunity to sell, buy, and exchange goods and services via handheld Apple devices.

Real estate apps

Let your clients browse for housing and list their own property for rent in an app enhanced with modern IoT and AI technologies.

eLearning apps

Pamper your clientele with superb educational content and advanced functionalities easily attainable on an Apple product.

Media and entertainment apps

With custom iOS mobile application development, you can capitalize on delivering users entertaining and engaging experiences.

We can put together the perfect team for your full⁠-⁠cycle software development project.

iOS Mobile Apps Development Features We Can Add

Fively, an iOS application development company, knows exactly how to enhance your iOS solution that will strike a chord with every Apple lover.


Privacy and security

Cyberattackers never sleep, and neither do we. Our cybersecurity experts know how to apply modern tools to protect your app.

Data protection and encryption

We ensure that all the information stored and processed on your app is encrypted with the best ciphering methods.

High⁠-⁠level authorization

Today’s realities confirm that passwords are not enough to ensure safety. Prevent unauthorized logins by adding extra steps.

Payment gateways integrations

Incorporate a tool for secure digital payments in any currency and keep the checkout process smooth.

Near⁠-⁠field communication (NFC) technology

Place one iOS device near the other to instantly pay, check a patient’s status, or apply smart tags to track your products.

Camera and augmented reality functionality

Engage with a larger audience by letting them discover new routes, scan QR codes, and even fix equipment remotely.

GPS technology

Track your running distance, receive alerts about financial transactions from suspicious places, and personalize content.

iOS push notifications

Keep the audience engaged: remind them about items they’d like to purchase or the assignment they need to complete.

Widget for iOS apps

Allow users to interact with your app without even opening it: share essential info via a small widget on the home screen.

Multiple languages support

Embark on custom iOS mobile application development to reach an international audience or multiple target countries.

We create cutting⁠-⁠edge iOS apps with a personal touch

Being an award⁠-⁠winning company, we develop custom⁠-⁠designed iOS solutions based on your specific business requirements.

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Best Tech Stack for iOS Solutions

IOS solutions often become the driving force that propels businesses toward their goals. We make apps for iOS with the most progressive tech stack to ensure your new business software revs up your enterprise.

React Native

React Native⁠-⁠based apps work on both iOS and Android devices. Cross-platform mobile apps are cost⁠-⁠efficient and fast to develop.


The official Apple language makes it possible to build an interactive, secure native iOS application with unlimited features.


Often complementing Swift, the set of tools is used for coding, designing, and testing apps for tvOS, iOS, and watchOS.


Other technologies

Custom iOS app development implies that we select the technology stack and integrations for every client individually.

iOS App Development Steps

Our iOS developers fragment the project into milestones, and the ostensibly arduous iOS app development process turns into a captivating adventure for our clients.


Designing and prototyping

After studying your business demands, we make a prototype that reveals all the flaws to further hone the app and make sure its UI and UX appeal to clients.


Development and testing

Once we’re sure the app’s layout and feature set fulfill your every business requirement, it’s time to refine the code to the point of flawlessness.


Deployment to App Store

Our iOS application developers spare no effort to build an app that adheres to high Apple standards and release it to the App Store platform.


Maintenance and support

iOS apps require constant enhancement to remain relevant. So, besides custom mobile app design and development, we maintain the app to keep it current.

Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What language is used for iOS apps?

The 3 most popular programming languages for building iOS apps are Swift, Objective-C, and React Native.

Compared to Objective-C, Swift is more modern, faster, and safer. Featuring a simple syntax, Swift is slowly substituting Objective-C for building native apps. React Native, on the other hand, is used to create cross-platform mobile apps.

What kind of mobile apps are in demand?

The top 5 categories of mobile applications are:

  • gaming;
  • health;
  • finance;
  • food delivery;
  • lifestyle.

An online shop or a gaming app—any software that solves a user’s problem and makes their lives more hassle-free and relaxed is bound to succeed. Augmenting it with push notification features or AR technologies will only amplify your business success.

What are the best tools for cross-platform mobile app development?

Many small businesses opt for cross-platform mobile app development as it allows for much greater user coverage with fewer financial investments. In effect, you won’t need to create and perform testing of a code in several languages but build a single codebase. This way, a business owner can also be sure that apps look the same on different platforms.

For cross-platform app development, software engineers find these three frameworks the most convenient to use: Flutter, Ionic, and React Native.

Is React Native the future of mobile app development?

The results of React Native implementation speak for themselves: Skype, Instagram, and SoundCloud are only a few of the apps built with this framework. Its modular architecture makes the process of scaling and updating very quick, while the tools for debugging aid in delivering a flawlessly working app. Basically, with React Native, it’s possible to build not only a cross-platform mobile app consistently functioning on Android and Apple devices but MVPs and web-based SPAs as well.

Why do mobile app developers tend to build on iOS first rather than other platforms like Android?

One of the reasons why business owners lean towards iOS development can be the fact that Apple users tend to spend more on the App Store than the Google Play Store: $85.1 billion vs. $72.3 billion, correspondingly.

On top of that, Apple app creation takes less time and requires less code than Android, as the iOS app development process is much more standardized.

On the whole, the choice between iOS and Android development is usually solved through an analysis of the following aspects:

  • target audience;
  • set of features;
  • budget available;
  • timeframes.

How much does it cost to have someone build an iOS app?

What is iOS app development in its essence? Coding, the architecture selection, testing and troubleshooting, and, of course, design. The hours spent on each of the steps and the complexity of the work done determine the final cost to develop an iOS mobile app. Reach out to us to find out the approximate amount to spend on your innovative application.

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