Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company

Discover Fively expertise in anti-fraud solutions: read how we created a cutting-edge data protection analytical tool for a telecommunications company.

About the Client

In this data protection case study, our client is a trusted company in the global telecommunications industry. Its multi-cultural team of technical and business experts is devoted to ensuring the financial health of numerous telecom operators via state-of-the-art anti-fraud solutions. For more than a decade, they have provided valuable data insights, real-time analytics, and solutions for anti-fraud protection to recover clients’ revenue, fuel national investment, and promote overall economic growth. More than 40 telecom providers all over the world have already evaluated the advantages of their robust anti-fraud software solutions and data protection software solutions with real-time analytics.


the USA




4 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack



min to detect a fraud vs. 60 min in legacy systems

> 44B

bypass minutes blocked


telecom operators choose our client’s solution

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Anti-Fraud Protection System Challenges

The significant challenges were that fraudsters continuously evolved their tactics, while classic solutions for anti-fraud protection like call center anti-fraud solutions with the usage analysis and active TCG weren’t as effective as before. The telecommunications company wanted to implement a thorough optimization of the client for their anti-fraud analytical tool, enable its prompt work with signaling analytics, pre-call fraudulent SIM-boxes detection, as well as make it much faster and smarter. Thus, the company was looking for highly skilled Python developers, who are familiar with Elasticsearch tech stack to strengthen their engineering team and provide the following SaaS data protection solution optimizations:

  • Tune real-time anti-fraud signaling analytics on the client-side
  • Enable stable work of the client with advanced fraud tactics
  • Optimise the performance of pre-call fraudulent SIM-boxes detection
  • Resolve all the bugs on the client-side of the platform
  • Provide technical and maintenance support for the system

They needed highly-skilled on-demand developers, able to implement all the platform optimizations, provide stable work on the client’s side, and fix arising bugs. The important factor in finding a software vendor was trust in transactions. Fively engineers have already successfully worked with the company’s software team before, so after a short interview with our developers, they told us the web development data protection project details, ensured that we possessed the professional level they needed, and chose our custom development company for this project implementation.

How Fively Helped the Telecommunications Company

In the course of the optimization of this anti-fraud software solution, we provided not only professional backend services and well-commented code. We chose the fitting architecture to tune its work on the client’s side, improved its performance, and fixed all the arising bugs. We also worked closely with the company’s software team, including QA engineers and DevOps specialists, helped to estimate the scope of tasks, and set deliverable deadlines for the successful Big Data fraud protection project implementation.

Project Architecture: To improve the work of this anti-fraud software solution, we used Python language for the Backend and Elasticsearch as an analytics engine.

Team Structure: We fulfilled the given scope of the inbuilt anti-fraud solution optimizations thanks to the client’s team extension with 2 of our highly skilled backend specialists.

Communication tools: We used Jira for task scheduling, and Slack for prompt in-team communication. We also did a daily standup to provide clear tracking of the current tasks status and discuss any initiatives in the project.

The chosen project’s architecture and workflow management decisions allowed us to fulfill the platform optimization successfully, turning it into the best anti-fraud solution in the RAFM market.

The Results

As a result of our fruitful collaboration with the telecommunications company, we greatly optimized the work of the client for their anti-fraud analytical tool:

  • Fively experts tuned the proper work of real-time customer analytics on the platform, so it can process thousands of calls and detect fraudulent SIM Boxes with geolocation before any grey route calls enter the customer’s network;
  • We improved the performance of the client for the anti-fraud platform, enabling the fastest speed possible in detecting fraud independent of IMSI or IMEI activities. It now equals 5 seconds instead of 60 minutes in classical CDR-based contact center anti-fraud solutions;
  • We enabled the prompt work of the client in case of advanced SIM Servers, Human Behavior Simulators (HBS), Mobile SIM Boxes, or other advanced fraud tactics. It has given customers an unprecedented level of anti-fraud protection, and turned the platform into the best anti-fraud solution on the market;
  • Our engineers resolved all the bugs and errors on the user side, enabled stable work of the client, and continue to provide timely technical maintenance and support for the customer

Founder at the telecommunications company

Technology Stack for the Data Protection Analytical Tool

To turn this SaaS anti-fraud solution into the top market one, we used the following state-of-the-art tools and technologies:

  • Python
  • Elasticsearch

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Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company
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