B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

The team of business analysts and engineers from Fively participated in the creation of a B2B blockchain powered platform for mobility providers.

About Bloxmove

BloXmove is a blockchain-focused company that deals with solutions for mobility providers. The mission of this cutting-edge startup is the grand-scale implementation of blockchain in mobility services. According to BloXmove, present-day blockchain-based technologies can fundamentally transform the very essence of the mobility industry. Today, their decentralized system promotes such worthwhile ideas as green technology and carbon neutrality.






3 months


5-10 developers

Tech stack



is the supply of the finite token


partners from mobility and energy industries


booming tech industry in the world

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The Challenges of Engineering For B2B Blockchain Companies

Blockchain technology has long passed the stage of being a buzzwordy trend. Nowadays, it is an extremely ambitious field in which both well-established enterprises and tiny startups invest a small fortune without hesitation.

However, being a breakthrough in the world of technology, B2B blockchain attracts a huge number of people with dubious expertise like no other industry. Under these circumstances, it is anything but simple to find a vendor who could be trusted with the development of your product. BloXmove managers decided to start cooperation with Fively right off because our expertise was far beyond any dispute.

How We Helped BloXmove With the Development of a Blockchain B2B Platform

Today, blockchain in mobility is still a kind of curiosity, since applications of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency are not in the limelight in general. Together with BloXmove, our well-knit team of skilled on-demand developers grasped the challenge of altering this state of business.

Our web engineers started working on the BloXmove project in 2021. We have been participating in the development of the frontend side of the platform and in the creation of the backend side with all its B2B blockchain-powered features.

The main goal was to implement a comprehensive infrastructure built around the BLXM coin. The entire platform is designed in such a way to facilitate direct collaboration between various mobility providers and green power suppliers through convenient blockchain B2B payments and other decentralized solutions.

In addition, several more products will use the BloXmove ledger and related infrastructure. The first product is a blockchain mobile app that can function as a hub for multiple eco-friendly mobility providers. The second product is a mobile app blockchain solution that will allow you to allocate the budget for mobility services among different operators from one wallet-like app.

The Result of Our Cooperation

Our engineers are still working on the development of individual pieces of this blockchain B2B platform. Nevertheless, a lot of core functionality has been implemented and it can definitely be of interest to numerous B2B business owners.

At this point, our engineers, including Python development specialists, continue to develop this blockchain B2B platform, creating more and more unique features for it. The platform already has 5 mobility companies and 4 energy suppliers as partners, while the project itself is supported by a dozen of large investors. In the future, BloXmove is going to make focus on blockchain mobile app development.

Unlike many other B2B blockchain companies, BloXmove was fortunate enough to hire experienced developers, namely Fively’s engineers, to live their dreams. The crypto platform is growing rapidly from one milestone to another milestone. The products and services of BloXmove have already caught the attention of numerous clients even despite the fact that not all functionality has been implemented yet.

Best Tech Stack for a Blockchain B2B Startup

Providing development services for blockchain-oriented B2B companies, our engineers use only the most reliable tools. Check out the technologies we utilize for B2B blockchain app development.

  • React
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • React Native

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B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove
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