Insurance Workflow Automation Solution

Fively developed an insurance workflow automation solution that combines all steps from purchasing a policy to filing a claim and makes it a 5-minute procedure.


Inzmo is an insurance company headquartered in Berlin, which aims to simplify the insurance claims processing workflow using a digital approach. The company focuses on B2B2C solutions in various niches from bike and consumer electronics insurance to rental deposit insurance. Its user-friendly insurance workflow automation platform combines all steps from purchasing a policy to filing a claim, making it a 5-minute procedure.

In 2017, INZMO became the best Fintech startup in the whole Europe by the European Commission. It is backed by a famous insurance leader headquartered in Switzerland, an early-stage VC firm Change Ventures, Helvetia.






15 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack



growth in customer satisfaction rate


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rated fintech company by StartUp Europe Awards

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Challenges of Workflow Management at Insurance Companies

Inzmo wanted to turn their UX vision into a ready-made insurance company workflow automation tool, that could be able to provide its users with the total digitalization in the insurance sector. The company was looking for highly skilled engineers, who are also well-versed in front-end tech stack, PHP, as well as database management. The ready-made solution for insurance workflow process optimization should have a user-friendly and intuitive GUI, high website performance, on-site insurance claims processing, and several third-party integrations. For this project implementation we needed to reach the following goals:

  • Turn the client's UX vision into a ready-made insurance claim workflow automation tool
  • Help to manage the project implementation and estimate the scope of tasks
  • Enable quick on-site insurance claims processing
  • Provide users with various insurance plans and payment options
  • Set real-time customer analytics and advanced reporting on the platform
  • Enable essential third-party integrations
  • Tune the platform speed, and resolve all the bugs on the user side
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for the system

INZMO needed professional front-end developers, able to solve complex web portal development tasks, create an insurance industry workflow optimization platform with numerous features, fix arising bugs, and optimize the site speed. The important factor in finding a software vendor was trust, as INZMO has already successfully worked with our engineers, and they were happy to work with us once more. After a short interview with our developers, they told us about the project details and showed us the Figma files with their UX vision of a working homepage. That’s how our fruitful collaboration on creating a digital home insurance platform started in June 2020.

How We Helped Insurance Workflow Solutions Company

During this project on digitalization in the insurance industry, we not only turned the customer’s product design into a ready-made insurance workflow automation tool. We fitted into INZMO’s internal sprint methods: estimated the scope of tasks, set deliverable deadlines, and provided top-tier management of the project.

We have also communicated with the the client’s team on a daily basis, analyzed the complexity of features for this property insurance digitalization platform, and proposed the suitable project architecture. To be short, that’s how our project looked like:

Project architecture: To create this rental service platform, we used the Vue.js framework and jQuery library for the Frontend, PHP for the Backend, and MariaDB as a database service.

Team structure: We implemented the full scope of the project goals with 2 of our senior Front-end engineers, who are also well-versed in PHP and database management.

Communication tools: We used Jira for task status tracking and management, and daily standups to provide clear communication. We also used Slack for quick discussions of any initiatives and changes in the project.

These technical and workflow management decisions allowed us to successfully cover all the projects’ goals, stay flexible, and turn the clients’ platform into into one of the best insurance workflow management platforms.

What Insurance Digitalization Features We Provided

We began the cooperation with Inzmo in 2019, and after 15 months of fruitful work, we were ready to present the results of the insurance workflow management project:

  • Our specialists smoothly integrated the company's UX vision into an insurance workflow automation solution, optimized its performance, and resolved all the bugs on the user side to ensure excellent customer experience;
  • We have tuned algorithms for various insurance plans, enabled different ways of renewing contracts, and integrated additional payment methods into the insurance workflow solution, which altogether provided customers with much more freedom in choosing their plan;
  • Fively engineers enriched the platform functionality with a robust CRM-like reporting and analytics system with insurance workflow diagrams, as well as added essential 3rd party integrations. These features make the client’s insurance workflow software highly customizable and tailored to various business needs;
  • Our team enabled a high level of security of the insurance workflow management system, including payment and renewing contracts procedures, thanks to the following cybersecurity best practices, as well as obligatory authentication and different administrative roles in the system.

Senior System Architect at INZMO

Technology Stack

We pay special attention to choosing the right software tools and technologies for our projects. This insurance automation solution was created using the following state-of-the-art tech stack:

  • Vue.js
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MariaDB

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Insurance Workflow Automation Solution
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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