Digitalization in the Insurance Domain: Insly

Fively engineers created a robust platform that enhanced digitalization in the insurance domain for more than 60 countries and 1000 daily users.

About Insly

Insly is a cutting-edge SaaS company headquartered in London, UK. Since 2014, they have been creating numerous no-code insurance policy administration products for MGAs and businesses of all sizes to make insurance easy for everybody. Their applications allow C-suite managers greatly enhance the launching and distribution of new policies and products. They also provide companies with numerous additional digital services like accounting and reporting, which allow further automate all operations with policies and optimize insurance selling.

Recently, the company launched another digital product – an agile and highly scalable claims management tool, which is going to meet untapped demand in the mid-market segment of the insurance market.


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Insurance Policy Management Solution: Challenges

Insly wanted to build a brand-new digital platform that will enhance the insurance industry’s digital transformation. They aimed at creating a robust and smart insurance process automation tool that could be easy-to-use, flexible, and intuitive at the same time so that even non-technical specialists could use it with no obstacles.

Insly had already had a similar insurance workflow solution at their disposal, but they wanted to implement its total refactoring and upgrade, add a bunch of new features, optimize its speed, and, what’s most important, build a user-friendly UI handy both for brokers and MGAs.

Thus, the company was looking for talented engineers skilled both at frontend and backend toolsets, who could possess a game-changing mindset to turn all these ideas into an all-in-one solution. The chosen software team should be able to cover the following insurance digital transformation project goals:

  • Help to manage the project implementation and estimate the scope of tasks;
  • Upgrade their old insurance policy administration system and provide all the needed work on refactoring the legacy and unstable pieces of code;
  • Design and develop an intuitive and user-friendly GUI for the application;
  • Enable quick on-site insurance claims processing, editing, as well as documents management and calculations on various policies;
  • Ensure high-security level for all the app users and protect it from hacking;
  • Tune the proper work of numerous 3rd-party integrations;
  • Ensure stable, bug-free work of the application with high website performance.

The client wanted to find a software vendor with a similar technical mindset and good communication skills so that the chosen team could work in a partner-like manner. Insly had several other candidates for this project, but after a short interview with our developers and looking at our portfolio with relevant cases, they chose Fively as the best-fitting company for the project implementation. They told us about the project details, and their vision of the final result, and we were happy to start our partner-like collaboration on a project in 2020.

How We Created an Insurance Policy Management Tool

During this insurance agency workflow digitalization procedures, we worked in close cooperation with the client’s engineering team. We discussed all the ideas on common brainstorms, highlighted possible problems and appropriate solutions to them, and chose the best technical decisions together.

Such a strategy allowed us not only to create a game-changing insurance policy management software but to fit ideally into Insly’s internal sprint methods. This is how our strategy looked in detail:

Project architecture. To build this insurance agency automation platform, our engineers used React library to create the intuitive GUI for the app, Node.js, and PHP to create the backend logic for the app, and used the reach functionality of the AWS platform to run the app in the Cloud.

Team structure. We implemented the full scope of the project tasks with 2 of our senior React specialists, and 2 highly professional Node.js specialists, who are also well-versed in PHP and AWS toolsets.

Communication tools. We estimated the scope of tasks, set deliverable deadlines, tracked the tasks' statuses, and provided the project management using Jira. We have also communicated with the client’s team on a daily basis, analyzed the complexity of features for this insurance claims automation project, and proposed a suitable project architecture using Slack and e-mail.

These technical and workflow management decisions allowed us to successfully cover all the projects’ goals, stay flexible, and turn the clients’ platform into one of the best insurance policy automation solutions in the market.

What Insurance Automation Features We Provided

We began the cooperation with Insly in 2020, and only after 9 months of fruitful brainstorming and joint work, we were ready to present a brand-new solution that provides total digitization in the insurance processes and has the potential to revolutionize the insurance market:

  • Our specialists smoothly refactored the old client’s system, rewrote all the unstable and legacy parts, and then added brand-new features to create a super intuitive and highly usable all-in-one solution for insurers.
  • Working together with a customer, we designed and developed a smart and intuitive GUI for the application, so that even non-technical specialists can easily use it for workflow management in the insurance agencies.
  • We have tuned quick on-site insurance policies processing and editing, smart document management, and sophisticated calculations on various policy types, which altogether provided both brokers and agencies with much more flexibility in policy management.
  • Fively engineers enriched the platform functionality with numerous 3rd party integrations and add-ons. These features make the insurance workflow software highly customizable, flexible and tailored to various business needs.
  • Fively optimized the app performance, resolved all the bugs on the user side, and ensured excellent customer experience. Plus, thanks to the following cybersecurity best practices, we enabled a high level of security in the insurance workflow management system, preventing any types of fraud and cyber-attacks.

As a result, the ready-made solution for insurance workflow process optimization has got user-friendly and intuitive GUI, high website performance, on-site insurance claims processing, and several third-party integrations.

Mart Espenberg

CTO at Insly

Technology Stack for the Insurance Automation Software

We pay special attention to choosing the right software tools, frameworks, libraries, and technologies for our projects. This insurance policy admin system was created using the state-of-the-art tech stack.

  • React
  • Node
  • PHP
  • AWS

Success Stories

Our engineers love to turn complex manual processes and operations into simple and smart insurance workflow automation solutions. Please take a look at other examples of our projects in this domain.

Digitalization in the Insurance Domain: Insly
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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