Node.js Development Services

We provide Node.js development services since 2018. Our engineers have vast experience in Node.js software development, as well as JSNAD certificates that verify their rock⁠-⁠solid skills.

Why Web Development With Node.js Is Better?

Today, Node.js is one of the best technologies for building custom web apps. Both engineers and product owners prefer Node.js development since this runtime environment allows them to quickly and easily create cutting⁠-⁠edge solutions with impeccable performance.


Scalable technology for microservices

Time efficiency

Fast⁠-⁠processing and event⁠-⁠based model


Time⁠-⁠tested, reliable technology


Ever⁠-⁠evolving web development tool


Rich ecosystem


Seamless JSON support

What Apps Can Be Build With Node.JS

Our engineers could carry out a great variety of Node.js development services for your project. Here are just a few Node.js examples.

Social Media Apps

Our Node.js development team is capable of developing social and media applications. At Fively we have developed Xolence, a media platform that helps bring the community together for a prayer.


Logistics Apps

The modern logistics industry needs cuttingg⁠-⁠edge software products to take a step forward. We know how to create truly breakthrough products. To engineer them, we use the best technologies available, including Node.js.


Streaming Services

Fively is a Node.js development company that has firstg⁠-⁠hand and ing⁠-⁠depth knowledge of streaming technologies. We have built a popular, featureg⁠-⁠rich webinar platform called Webinar Ninja.


Booking Apps

At Fively, our engineers have developed several booking platforms that were bound to be successful. Rest assured, we can implement any of your booking app ideas using reliable Node.js development tools.

Credit card

Payment Apps

One of Fively's specialties is the creation of highly secure fintech solutions that make financial operations easy and fast. Often our programmers resort to Node.js while working on such development projects.


Web Portals

We design and engineer all types of web portals, from minimalistic B2C solutions for small businesses up to complex online shopping portals. The results often exceed even the wildest expectations, in no small part due to futureg⁠-⁠proof Node.js frameworks.



At Fively you can hire a wellg⁠-⁠knit team of Node.js developers to build your custom marketplace solution. Our Node.js development team has more than enough expertise to create userg⁠-⁠friendly and sustainable eCommerce platforms.


Digital Assistants and Chatbots

It is not uncommon for companies to prioritize virtual assistants and chatbots over real people when it comes to customer care. At Fively, we are ready to provide you with our helping hand to create even such futuristic solutions.

Data storage

Data Storage Apps

We are developing modern systems that will allow you to keep your private data far from prying eyes. You can rely on us – our dedicated teams know all the nuances of creating truly secure solutions.


Workforce and Facility Management Apps

Techg⁠-⁠driven management could get water from a flint. At Fively, we create tailorg⁠-⁠made workforce and facility management software using Node.js to help your employees achieve really high performance rates.


Content Management Apps

We build fussg⁠-⁠free content management systems of any complexity to make your interactions with digital content less stressful. Our fullg⁠-⁠stack developers can provide you with a custom Node.js based content management software, that is easy to deal with.


Delivery Management Systems

The delivery industry is on the rise and the need for courier services will only become more acute. At Fively, we can create a cuttingg⁠-⁠edge mobile app for a delivery company using the Node.js development environment.


Order Management and Tracking Systems

Ecommerce companies purchase OMS solutions to know exactly at what stage of the life cycle each of their order is awaiting. We are ready to build bespoke order management and tracking systems for your business by means of Node.js development tools.

Human resources

HRM Systems

HRM software is used by all large companies to automate a huge number of flows within HR departments. Our software experts, including topg⁠-⁠notch Node.js developers, can create a highg⁠-⁠quality HR management solution to deliver on your hopes.

Why Choose Fively?

Fively employs engineers who have extensive experience in building custom web applications for enterprises using Node.js. In addition, some of our web developers have passed the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) certifications. Therefore, we can guarantee the unsurpassed quality of the final product.


Our code is reliable

Fively is a Node.js development company that stands surety for its engineers and the code – it is always of high quality, which makes our products stand out for their reliability.


Our code is maintainable

We create software that can be easily modified and fluently updated without mumbo jumbo because we contemplate the future.


Our code is testable

At Fively, we understand better than anyone how important the testing phase is to the success of the final product, so we come up with code that will not be a jigsaw for a QA team.


Our code is reusable

Our engineers do not create one⁠-⁠shot code that cannot be utilized in the future, because we are thinking about the big picture.

Examples of Node.js Implementation in Our Projects

Here are just a few examples of how our skillful engineers have successfully performed Node.js implementation in projects from completely different industries.

Data Management Platform for a Real Estate Services Aggregator

Data Management Platform for a Real Estate Services Aggregator

An all-in-one data management platform case study for a household management services and apartment rental platform.

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

The team of business analysts and engineers from Fively participated in the creation of a B2B blockchain powered platform for mobility providers.

Financial Management Accounting System Development

Financial Management Accounting System Development

A developed from a scratch financial management accounting system that automated the business owners’ workflow by 70% and helped CEOs make data-driven strategic decisions.

HR Compensation Software Development

HR Compensation Software Development

Our engineers developed modern HR compensation software that automates HR surveys, speeds up calculations, and provides real-time data reports and visualizations.

Fively Has JSNAD⁠-⁠Certified Engineers on Board

The OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) certification confirms that the engineer is able to perform tasks close to real⁠-⁠world challenges very fast and has a wide range of skills related to the work with JavaScript and Node.js technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that is ubiquitous in modern software development. In most cases, Node.js development is used to create fast and reliable web applications.

The technology first saw the light in 2009 and since then its popularity has only grown. Today, Node.js is used by such world-famous companies as PayPal, Netflix, eBay, and even Amazon. According to recent statistics, many tech start-ups are using Node.js, and there are more than 30 million high-traffic websites using the technology across the Web.

Large corporations tend to hire a Node.js web development company to update their software and thereby provide them with more prospects for business development and attracting new customers. And this is not surprising, because the use of Node.js can significantly speed up server-side data-intensive processes, which in turn will reduce the workload on servers and improve the overall speed of the entire product.

The key feature of this technology is that it allows you to completely abandon the use of different programming languages for writing backend and frontend scripts. With Node.js, engineers can create a backend using JavaScript, a programming language that was mainly used to write frontend scripts. This fact reduces the cost of resources for software products, which is beneficial for both outsourcing Node.js development companies and their customers.

What are the benefits of Node.js?

Besides the fact that Node.js is a backend run-time environment that firstly functions on the basis of JavaScript, which is easy to learn and used in both frontend and backend development, and secondly distributes the load on servers more efficiently, which makes it more resistant to crashes, many successful companies have chosen this technology also for a number of other advantages.

Increased Scalability

Node.js web development allows you to create applications in such a way that it will not be difficult for you to scale them later. If you need new functionality, then Node.js developers will be able to implement it in a fairly short time. It is all possible due to the peculiar principles of this technology when each individual node is created separately from the others, which makes it possible to quickly and easily build up new elements in any Node.js solutions.

Amazing Performance

Node.js implementation is invariably followed by an increase in the speed of the web application. The Node.js environment is great for creating high-speed web solutions because it has been built upon the high-tech Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.

Updates and Support

Despite the fact that Node.js is a technology that has been around for over 10 years, it continues to receive updates and new versions periodically. In addition, over such a long period of time, a large community of programmers has formed around it, which makes a great contribution to the development of this technology. So when you hire a Node.js web development company, you most importantly choose a well-established tech process.

Cross-Platform and Mobile-Friendly Development

Node.js mobile app development is a great way to build a fairly mobile-friendly app. Indeed, due to the fact that this technology allows you to create solutions that function quickly yet flawlessly, it is a top choice for mobile development. It is also no less important that Node.js allows cross-platform development, which can significantly speed up the process of engineering your software solution.

Efficient Data Caching

Node.js web development significantly differs from other options since it allows you to cache data as efficiently as possible. Node.js is able to store and process the cache more efficiently than all its alternatives, which allows it to provide unsurpassed performance.

High TTM Rates

Web development with Node.js has another indisputable advantage – remarkable time to market rates. Such a result is achieved due to the fact that the technology is as simple as possible to learn and very easy to use. Therefore, if the speed of product development is crucial for you, there is no better option than Node.js application development.

What is the difference between JavaScript and Node.js?

To avoid confusion, let's take a closer look at the differences between JavaScript and Node.js.

JavaScript is the programming language that is used for web development, while Node.js is the environment for JavaScript.

In simple words, JavaScript is a computer language that is used to create web applications, namely their frontend side. On the other hand, we have Node.js technology, which allows us to use the same programming language to create a backend side.

In addition, JavaScript is a plain programming language and functions in juncture with any browser engine, while Node.js runs on the V8 engine, which is specific to Google Chrome.

What is the price of Node.js development project?

If you’ve decided on Node.js development or just want to make use of some Node.js consulting services, then you are probably interested in how much it may cost.

The fact is that it is difficult to give an exact figure of how much an average project will cost you because there are too many variables in this equation. Nevertheless, you can refer to the hourly rates of Node.js developers.

As a rule, the cost of one hour of work for a Node.js engineer with vast experience will be approximately $45-65.

However, the team for each specific project is compiled on an individual basis, taking into account the available resources and existing goals. Feel free to contact Fively for advice – our experts are ready to estimate your project for free.

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