Data Management Platform for a Real Estate Services Aggregator

An all-in-one data management platform case study for a household management services and apartment rental platform.

About the Client

Our client is a game-changing real estate company headquartered in Scandinavia. Their platform is a complete digital handover that combines rental, selling, and household services from the most innovative real estate brands in the world. They help the platform partners reduce manual tasks, facilitate document flow, and streamline financial operations.

The company collaborates with DLA Piper to provide compliant anti-money-laundry forms and documents globally. Having numerous prestigious software awards, they aim at providing both its partners and customers with the best online experience in the real estate market.




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Challenges of a Household Management Services Platform

Our client, being an expert in the property sector, faced a long-lasting problem of distrust at the market between vendors and customers. Spot prices, verbally agreed transactions, deals with vague conditions, and dominance of paperwork were only making this problem worse.

They wanted to change the situation in the Scandinavian real estate market and create a robust solution that could help all service providers go digital, free from exhausting paperwork and make secure deals and transactions. They also wanted to overcome fraud, gray pricing, and create a safe data management platform that could provide its customers with the best costs and services on the market.

The final solution should cover the needs of younger, digital-first consumers who value convenience, a variety of choices, and customization above all else. For these purposes, they were looking for ingenious software specialists with a strong background in the real estate industry. The chosen provider needed to outflank the difficulties and create a game-changing household management software able to digitalize and streamline the whole sector. Here is the full list of features of the future household management platform set by our client:

  • Set the UX vision and the unique design for the household management platform;
  • Create a smart sitemap and an intuitive structure for all the partners’ services;
  • Develop a robust and flexible e-platform for apartment rental management services;
  • Enable fast and secure anti-money-laundry forms and documents filling in;
  • Create a mortgage calculator for home-buyers and sellers
  • Help to manage the project implementation and estimate the scope of tasks;
  • Tune the platform speed, and resolve all the bugs on the user side;
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for the system.

The client was seeking for a trusted software vendor, so when they came over our Clutch page with excellent clients’ reviews upon our marketplace development services, they were highly interested in collaboration with us. They set a call with us to make sure we have profound knowledge in the real estate industry and deep expertise in creating customer data management platforms. We discussed all the project details, sighed all the needed documents, and our fruitful collaboration started at the beginning of 2020.

How We Created an All-in-One Household Management Services Platform

Project architecture. To create this big data management platform, we used the following modern toolset:

  • React framework for single-page application development;
  • Material UI toolkit for layout components development and styling;
  • TypeScript language for types definition and using best practices of OOP;
  • NodeJS platform for Backend development of the platform;
  • Express library for API development and endpoints declaration;
  • SocketIO library for data transferring between the client and the server side;
  • PostgreSQL as a highly extensible relational database management system;
  • TypeORM tool for mapping the database’s entities with TS classes.

Team structure. This complex cloud data management platform was created by a highly professional team consisting of 12 our specialists.

The technical part of the team structure included: 2 senior frontend engineers, 3 highly skilled backend engineers, 1 DevOps specialist with a strong background in SaaS solutions, and 1 architect engineer as a team lead.

The non-technical part of the team structure included: 1 business analyst with a strong background in the real estate industry, a senior project manager, a web designer, and 2 QA specialists experienced both in manual and automated testing.

Communication tools. Fively specialists always stand for maximum transparency and collaboration with the client during each project realization. That’s why we fixed our task statuses and progress in Jira on a daily basis and provided regular standups and calls to provide clear communication. We also discussed all the initiatives and changes in the project on the retrospectives with the client. For quick project discussions with the team, we used Slack.

Project Results

Back in 2020, when we had only begun our cooperation with the client, the real estate industry in the whole Scandinavian region was mainly paper-based. It lacked transparency, flexibility, variety of choices, and fresh game-changing ideas.

Just after 20 months of our fruitful collaboration with the client and the hard work of our team, we faced the rise of the new era in the real estate industry, which is becoming totally digital and client-oriented. This process is gaining force now due to the following outstanding benefits of a data management platform created by Fively specialists:

  • We created the unique UX vision and an intuitive design for the advertising data management platform which became an ultimate all-in-one aggregator for top-market real estate agents and household services providers;
  • Fively engineers made the data management platform well-structured according to the services range, highly customizable for real estate partners, and tailored to their various needs;
  • We provided the platform customers with a marketing data management platform and a wide range of various household services, rental options, and real-estate vendors, giving them much more freedom and choice in choosing the needed service;
  • We digitalized all of real estate providers’ legal and financial documents, handover protocols, energy classification PDFs, self-declaration forms and other often signed documents. Now 10 out of 10 real estate deals in Scandinavia are closed digitally;
  • We created a smart mortgage calculator for home-buyers and sellers which greatly eased the process of buying and renting an apartment;
  • The modern digital platform helped to attract younger, digital-first consumers who value handy and multipurpose solutions, as well as linked those who cared about their security and getting new revenue streams while going digital;
  • Our team enabled 100% security of the insurance workflow management system. It includes the anti-money-laundry payment and renewing contracts procedures, compliant with AML and KYC regulations of the real estate market. The platform also includes an obligatory authentication for real estate providers to keep their data safe;
  • We optimized the big data management platform performance, resolved all the bugs on the user side, and provided continuous maintenance and support of the platform to ensure excellent customer experience.

The client is highly satisfied with the robust real estate data management platform and with all the project results that changed the face of the entire industry among the Scandinavian countries. We continue to collaborate with the client to support the high performance of the platform and equip it with even more cutting-edge functionality according to the growing customers' needs.

Technology Stack

We always put technology first to provide our customers with excellent quality and make our real-estate solutions flexible and scalable. This household management system was created with the help of the following tools and technologies.

  • React
  • Material UI
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • TypeORM
  • Typescript
  • SocketIO

Success Stories

Our specialists are keen on creating state-of-the-art solutions that help real estate companies all over the world go digital and optimize their workflow. Be sure to check other data management platform examples and SaaS solutions by Fively.

Data Management Platform for a Real Estate Services Aggregator
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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