Data-Driven Real Estate Visualization and Property Search Implementation

Our engineers have built a data-driven real estate platform to help brokers and property owners strike win-win investment decisions in New York.

About Our Client

Our client is a real estate company that is headquartered in the USA and has been providing services for many years that help investors to buy and sell real estate with maximum benefit for both parties within the shortest time possible

In order for buyers to find the proposal on the real estate market that suits them best, the company provides them with detailed and up-to-date real estate data regarding currently available offers.

With the purpose of gaining a competitive edge in the form of a top-notch and feature-packed tool that would help them and their clients to consummate residential property deals even more efficiently, they turned to the developers from Fively.


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The Challenges of Real Estate Data Visualization Development

Real estate investing has always been fairly challenging. Such an event has always required a lot of planning, endless research, and tons of networking. Whether a person chooses to use a real estate agent or takes on the responsibility of finding a home, the searcher will inevitably come face to face with the top-to-bottom rendering of dozens and dozens of various sources.

All this painstaking work is necessary in order to have a thorough understanding of the real estate market and not make a hasty or unprofitable decision buying real property.

This same sort of situation is observed with the sale of real estate – listing your property on all available websites can take a lot of time, as well as communicating with potential buyers, and inevitably answering the same type of questions over and over.

Both buying and selling real estate can simmer for years becoming a sheer headache. The main goal of our client was to make buying a dream home easier and selling a truly worthwhile property faster. For this reason, our engineers were entrusted with providing a data-driven real estate software solution that accumulated thousands of different proposals and presented them in a user-friendly and pretty understandable way.

How We Helped Our Client with Real Estate Property Search Software Development

We, like our client, understood that it would not be easy to create a data-driven platform that would present information about the real estate market in any particular place in real-time. First of all, we had to find a good solution for how to make it intuitive to operate and not overloaded with various data.

So it has been decided to focus on data visualization tools because the majority of real estate property search websites often either don't have such functionality or can only offer extremely bland visual-based tools for real estate properties search. Our specialists, together with the project owners, have seen eye to eye that when visualizing data the product may be well received by future users and take its unique place among other beloved real estate property search websites.

For several months, our on-demand engineers had been creating the frontend side of the project. They consulted a separate development team on backend engineering as well. As a result of our collaborative effort, we managed to release a data-driven real estate platform with the integration of multiple tools for more convenient gathering and analysis of related information, including easy-to-use data visualization tools.

Results of Our Cooperation on Data Visualization Real Estate Website

Our engineers have done a great job and delivered a brilliant product that is impossible not to admire. We’ve developed a software product with embedded services that are strikingly different from other property-search tools on real estate websites due to the implementation of the data visualization functionality.

Most importantly, our data visualization solution turned out to be extremely functional and incredibly informative. This web application demonstrates not only the physical location of the object on the map but also allows you to get acquainted with the general trends in the local real estate market, as well as find out the contact details of the seller and learn about the underlying potential problems if any.

The business owners highly appreciate cloud application development services provided by our engineers. They think much of the well-coordinated work of our development team and the rock-solid tech expertise of our coders.

To date, the real estate property search software, which was designed and implemented by experts from Fively, is a fairly successful platform that is popular not only with realtors but also with real estate owners and people planning to buy a house.

Best Tech Stack for a Data-Driven Real Estate Website

To build a bespoke real estate data visualization application, we have chosen cutting-edge technologies that we could fully rely on in terms of their stability and speed.

For the most part, our engineers used technologies such as:

  • React
  • AWS
  • Python
  • PHP

Success Stories

At Fively, our experienced developers create bespoke data-driven real estate software solutions using modern technologies. Be sure to pay attention to other prominent projects based on React.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is a technique that allows you to present information in a graphical form. This approach to structuring information has become widespread because it is an extremely effective method for the simplified presentation of complex or disparate data.

Graphs and heat maps, as well as pie and line charts that are quite often used for big data presentation, are the most remarkable data visualization examples. Another real-world case for using visualization is the real estate property search software development project that was described above.

Data visualization methods can be utilized in completely different fields like financial accounting systems development, eCommerce platforms building, transportation portals engineering, and other data-rich software projects.

Data-Driven Real Estate Visualization and Property Search Implementation
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.

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