Car Park Booking System Development

Fively participated in the development of an Airbnb-like car park booking system that streamlined parking places rent and management throughout the USA.

About the Client

Our client is an innovative tech & logistics company headquartered in California, the USA. With the understanding that every community and business had its requirements, it offers a flexible, automated digital solution for parking needs at any scale.

Their mission is to create smarter parking for a greener world, solving the dilemma of parking throughout the USA. Their dedication to flexibility and customization allows them to cater to various hosts' needs, enabling a unique user experience.

With effective management, communication, and stress-free intuitive parking software they are revolutionizing parking in the USA and have already saved their customers around 200,000 minutes of cruising time, as well as around 450,000 gallons of CO₂ emissions avoided.


the USA


Logistics and Transportation


8 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack



minutes of cruising time saved


gallons of CO₂ emissions avoided


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How to Build a Parking App: Project Challenges

Our client, being a breakthrough logistics company, aspired to create a digital platform that would redefine the way people think about parking. They noticed that there are more than enough parking places in US cities, but quite often people just don’t know about them, or such spaces for parking aren’t monetized properly by their owners.

That’s why they envisioned the creation of an Airbnb-like solution that would allow hosts to list their parking spaces and enable customers to effortlessly find and rent parking spaces. Such a parking management tool should have a contemporary, user-friendly interface, well-organized structure, and elevated performance levels.

Thus, the customer was in search of the niche experts, able to cover the following goals:

  • Collaborate with the client’s in-house team in the development process, estimate the scope of tasks, and help to manage the project implementation;
  • Develop from scratch a car park booking web app with a custom, intuitive, and catching UI;
  • Set real-time updating of the free parking spaces and personalization options based on customers' preferences and location;
  • Provide the app with highly intricate billing logic to cater to individual parking hosts’ requirements and modifications;
  • Add important 3rd-party API integrations, and ensure their flawless work;
  • Tune the proper work of both customer and admin panels and eliminate all bags in the UI;
  • Ensure robust security measures to protect both parking spaces hosts and customers.

To meet these challenges, the company sought a seasoned team of on-demand developers who had not only technical expertise in React and Node.js but also a profound understanding of the logistics industry.

The candidates' time- and project management skills were also of great importance to the company as they required individuals who were knowledgeable about parking apps and able to work closely with their in-house team to complete the project on time.

After an extended search for a vendor across various software platforms, they stumbled upon our profile and were captivated by our proficiency in parking development and other specialized expertise in custom software development they found there.

After the client showed us all the car park booking system project details, our fruitful collaboration on a common project started in 2019 and lasted for 8 months.

How Fively Helped to Build a Digital Parking Solution

To fulfill the comprehensive range of this project’s objectives, we assembled a specialized team exclusively for the client, composed of 3 of our seasoned senior software professionals. Over a concerted 8-month period, our parking app developers diligently constructed a revolutionary parking booking solution that greatly eased finding a place to park to its customers.

The strategy employed during this project is described in detail below.

Project architecture. Building the fitting architecture was the cornerstone of this project. Firstly, Fively's engineers created a smart and intuitive UI for the future app, as well as an intricate logic that supported complex billing and seamless integrations with 3rd-party services.

Then, our developers skillfully employed React, Redux, and Node.js to build the parking web app. By using Gatsby.js and AWS services, we added multiple 3rd-party integrations, ensuring the platform could be easily adapted to various scenarios and locations.

After that, our cloud specialist used a bunch of AWS platform tools, including EC2, S3, Route 53, and Amazon SSL to ensure the app’s flawless work in the cloud, as well as Cloudflare and Cloudfront to ensure total security of the app.

Finally, the team worked on the parking system testing, eliminating any bugs, and ensuring its stable work.

Team structure. The entire scope of this car parking app development project was accomplished with 2 of our senior frontend engineers, both possessing profound knowledge in React and Redux toolsets, along with 1 backend specialist well-versed in the AWS toolset.

Communication tools. Communication was given core importance throughout this project. From the very beginning, our frontend and backend engineers communicated with the client’s team to assess the task's complexity, break them down into manageable sprints and determine deadlines for deliverables according to the Agile methodology.

Regular weekly standups were held with the client to keep them informed of our progress, address any emerging challenges, and decide on the most appropriate technological solutions.

For the smooth management of the project and real-time updates, we predominantly relied on GitHub, while Slack we used mainly for short task-related questions.

Car Parking App Development Project Results

Working with the client’s in-house team, we reached maximum business efficiency to create a parking solution that not only helped people to park easier but introduced a brand-new way of booking a parking place with no guesswork. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Our team effectively partnered with the client's in-house development team, meticulously estimating the scope of tasks, and providing critical assistance in managing the project's implementation.
  • Working together with the client’s team, we built a parking booking digital web app from the ground up, focusing on custom, intuitive, and user-friendly UI. The interface design prioritized user experience, making booking parking spaces a simple and engaging process.
  • Fively specialists crafted a billing system that could be fine-tuned to suit any host's needs and various pricing strategies, adding an additional layer of flexibility to the application.
  • We enabled real-time updates of available parking spaces and incorporated personalization features based on customer preferences and locations. This ensured that car owners can effortlessly rent a parking space any time they need.
  • Our engineers added 3-rd party integrations, which enriched the platform's capabilities and provided seamless connections with essential external services.
  • We tuned the customer and admin panels for optimal performance and successfully eradicated all bugs in the UI. This meticulous attention to detail resulted in a smooth, glitch-free user experience for both customers and administrators.
  • We implemented the best security practices and protocols to protect all transactions on the platform, ensuring a safe environment for both hosts and customers.

All these technological advancements in the ready-made car park booking system resulted in thousands of happy customers, no need for guesswork and lost time trying to find a place to park, better use of the parking areas, and reduced CO2 emissions.

The ready-made innovative parking solution not only simplifies the parking process but also revolutionizes the way parking spaces are reserved through a user-friendly interface. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the result, as well as with Fively's innovation, commitment, and expertise.

Technology Stack for a Parking App

Fively always leverages state-of-the-art technologies and the latest breakthroughs in the IT world to build modern and scalable solutions that last. To create the fitting architecture for this car parking app development project we used the following technologies.

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Gatsby.js
  • MaterialUI
  • AWS

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Car Park Booking System Development
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