ECommerce Platform Development: Sellix

Our specialists created a revolutionizing solution for platform development, which allows building your own custom e-store in several minutes.

About Sellix

Sellix is a young and promising SaaS startup headquartered in Bolognia, Italy, which specializes in eCommerce platform development. Their product,, is a robust B2B and B2C eCommerce platform built for e-stores and digital entrepreneurs. It offers customers all over the world everything they need to create, grow, and manage their online products and stores.

Despite being a new solution on the market, Sellix has already gained a huge customer base of more than 1 million users and launched more than 619K eCommerce products. Ultimate customization, reach flexibility, international support to customers, and a bunch of powerful add-ons help its users deliver products more effectively and make it one of the best multi-store eCommerce platforms on the market.






9 months, ongoing


1-5 engineers

Tech stack


> 1

million active users


eCommerce products created


protected against cyber attacks

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Challenges of an eCommerce Platform Creation

Sellix team was looking for strong engineering support to add brand-new features to their eCommerce platform. They also wanted to redesign, refactor, and upgrade some of its previously written parts.

They aimed at turning their solution into an ultimate customizable eCommerce platform with an impressive set of features that could allow sellers to create their own e-store, as well as upload, modify, and sell digital products in several minutes. What is the main eCommerce platform development challenge they wanted to overcome? It lay in making all new parts of the system work well with each other as well as with the features they wanted to upgrade.

To do this, our engineers needed to become an integrated part of the already existing development Sellix team and become its front-line force. Here is the full list of the project goals we needed to achieve:

  • Help to scope, deliver, and manage the tasks on the redesign of the existing parts of the system and adding new functionality;
  • Build, test, and deploy new eCommerce platform features providing deep customization of the system parts;
  • Enable quick, flexible, and simple embedding of the platform products into 3rd party solutions;
  • Rework the platform admin panel for better security, data control, and more flexible management options;
  • Tune the platform speed, as well as fix arising bugs, and solve any issues on the client side, if any;
  • Provide continuous technical support and maintenance for the platform.

In other words, the client needed SaaS engineering help to build a super user-friendly but robust CMS with

To achieve this ambitious goal, Sellix chose Fively as the best-fitting eCommerce platform developer with impressive experience in building custom CMS solutions. We discussed the project details, signed all the needed documents, and started our fruitful collaboration with Sellix in 2022 that continues up until now and has awesome results.

How We Created an Ultimate SaaS eCommerce Platform

During this eCommerce management platform project implementation, we worked in close cooperation with the client’s development team. We not only used a state-of-the-art toolset and out-of-the-box architecture design to provide Sellix with the best possible bespoke eCommerce platform delivery. We also helped to manage and estimate the project tasks, and set deliverable deadlines. Here is how the whole process looked in detail:

Project architecture. To create this API-based eCommerce platform, we used the React and Vue.js libraries for the frontend, Node.js platform and PHP language to build logic for the backend, and Git for effective source code management.

Team structure. We implemented the full scope of the project goals with 3 of our senior full-stack engineers, who are well-versed both in frontend and in backend toolsets and have a rich background in cloud services.

Communication tools. We have paid special attention to communication during this multi-vendor eCommerce platform development project. Fively had very productive discussions and fruitful brainstorms with the client’s development team on all the project questions and stumbling blocks, and we solved them together by choosing the best possible solution. It was an excellent experience working together with the Sellix team.

Also, each week we provided the client with detailed standups where we shared our progress and insights on this B2B eCommerce website development project, solved all the arising issues, and chose the best-fitting technical solutions. We used Jira for task status tracking, as well as email and Slack for short discussions of any issues.

The Project Results

Working in close collaboration with the client’s development team, we turned Sellix into one of the top eCommerce platform solutions worldwide. Only after 9 months of this project duration, we have already achieved all its major goals: we greatly improved the platform performance and speed, fixed all the bugs on the user side, and enriched it with a set of ultimate customization features. As a result of our cooperation on this enterprise eCommerce platform development project Sellix eCommerce platform has got the following benefits:

  • We totally redesigned and refactored several already existing parts of the client’s eCommerce system, and made them much more functional, flexible, performative, and user-friendly. Now customers can use any part of this multi-channel eCommerce platform to create the product they need in seconds. As for now, more than 619.000 eCommerce products were created using Sellix.
  • We added rich functionality to the system, that allows totally customize your eCommerce platform. Thus, customers can either choose one of our fully-customizable, professionally-designed themes or tailor them even deeper to fit their products and branding.
  • We enabled quick, flexible, and simple embedding of the platform products into 3rd party multi-vendor software, which made it one of the most preferable, flexible, and user-friendly custom eCommerce solutions on the global market. More than 1 million sellers have already registered on the platform.
  • We deeply reworked the platform admin panel for better security, data control, and more flexible management options. Only in 2022, Sellix system automatically took down more than 31.000 products that violated the company’s terms of service. Thus, with Sellix customer shops and products are always safe, and protected from fraud.
  • We tuned the overall platform speed, as well as fixed all the arising bugs, and solved all issues on the client side. At the moment we continue to provide the needed technical support and maintenance for the Sellix eCommerce system.

As a result, Sellix became one the of most popular eCommerce marketplace platform solutions on the market, where individuals and e-stores can not only sell digital products but enhance their further growth and success all over the world.

Technology Stack

Our software specialists always use state-of-the-art technologies to create smart, robust, and flexible web portal solutions. For this eCommerce software development project, we chose the following toolset:

  • React
  • Vue
  • Node
  • PHP
  • Git

Success Stories

Our talented engineers aim at creating game-changing eCommerce platform software with custom CMS tailored for specific business needs. Take a look at such solutions examples and discover how they can improve your workflow and boost KPIs.

ECommerce Platform Development: Sellix
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Assuring Quality for Supply Chain Management Tool: Opply

We delivered top-tier QA services to Opply, ensuring the flawless performance of a modern supply chain management tool with over 1.2 million of daily users.

A Profit Recovery Platform for eCommerce: SellerBench

A Profit Recovery Platform for eCommerce: SellerBench

We helped to create a game-changing profit recovery platform enabling stores with 3 times faster and easier revenue cash back than the competition.

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A Marketplace Development Solution: Making a Review Website

Fively software specialists took part in making a complex multipurpose review website for a rapidly growing online marketplace company.

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

Fively created a chrome extension for invoice workflow processing that provided customers with a personalized experience and allowed to increase sales up to 77%.

IT Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry: DermSource

IT Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry: DermSource

Our specialists created a revolutionizing product platform with custom CMS, promoting IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry throughout the USA.

CMS Development for a Product Ordering Website

CMS Development for a Product Ordering Website

Fively engineers built from scratch a custom CMS for product ordering website, which significantly facilitated the way people and organizations buy water.

Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company

Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company

Fively provided Magento CMS customization services for a company to create a brand-new website with recurring payments integration.

Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines

Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines

Our engineers have developed a wine and spirits website that helps the family-run business sell their best vintages to the world.

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify Case Study. Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution: MessageBuy

A Shopify case study on abandoned cart recovery solution development with personalized SMS notification, that increased consumers' conversion by 40%.

Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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