A Profit Recovery Platform for eCommerce: SellerBench

We helped to create a game-changing profit recovery platform enabling stores with 3 times faster and easier revenue cash back than the competition.

About SellerBench

SellerBench, headquartered in Long Island City, the United States, is a modern information services company specializing in eCommerce business ideas and solutions. Their novel eCommerce profit recovery platform helps e-stores significantly automate and simplify the process of tracking, disputing, and recovering lost revenue or damaged inventory from leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

Being a unique profit recovery solution, SellerBench seeks to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for eCommerce managers. Combining a deep understanding of eCommerce and state-of-the-art technological applications, they provide users with a holistic view of their financial transactions and integrations across multiple seller accounts.

As for now, the platform has already gained thousands of eCommerce participants of all sizes and niches, and it continues to gain popularity across all e-business segments.


the USA




6 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails


times faster profit recovery


satisfied platform customers


security of financial and billing information

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Challenges of Creating SellerBench Profit Recovery Platform

Creating a profit recovery platform like SellerBench, designed to revolutionize how online sellers manage their financial discrepancies and lost revenue, was a challenging task that demanded lots of domain expertise and experience in creating custom software solutions. The client aspired to develop a smart recovery platform that could seamlessly integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, dissect fee structures, and identify inventory discrepancies.

In order to solve these multiple technical and logistical obstacles, SellerBench was looking for a highly professional custom eCommerce solutions provider to strengthen their in-house team. And due to the fact that the envisioned platform should not only track and dispute lost revenues but also automate the recovery process, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly recovery profit system, the chosen software team should also have deep knowledge of Automation and SI solutions and custom CMS development services.

Here is the full suit of the project requirements SellerBench wanted to be covered by chosen eCommerce developers:

  • Develop a modern, robust backend for the platform able to handle complex calculations and transactions;
  • Collaborate with the SellerBench team, managing project timelines, and providing accurate sprint task assessments;
  • Connect the frontend and the backend into a reliable recovery profit system capable of aggregating data from various eCommerce platforms and accounts, converting it into actionable insights;
  • Enable users to generate detailed reports, providing a comprehensive view of their financial performance and recovery of lost revenue;
  • Ensure the platform's security measures and performance, protecting sensitive information, and guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

After an extensive search for the right partner, they found our company profile on the Internet. Impressed by our portfolio and the passion of our engineers for SaaS development and browser extensions development, SellerBench set up a call to tell about their ambitious project. They were reassured by our proficiency in developing complex web applications and our extensive knowledge of the eCommerce industry.

As a result, they chose Fively to assist in bringing their unique eCommerce recovery platform to life. Our collaborative journey commenced in early 2022, marking the inception of transformative eCommerce business ideas in the retail world.

How Fively Created a Top-Tier eCommerce Recovery Platform

During this innovative project with SellerBench, our backend developers worked closely with the client’s in-house frontend team. By aligning our methods with their internal processes, we became an integral part of their team. This allowed us to effectively manage the project at all stages, thereby ensuring the successful creation of this cutting-edge eCommerce recovery platform.

Project Architecture. Our team used a comprehensive toolset to develop a robust backend for SellerBench and implement some of the frontend elements:

  • Ruby - this versatile language was used for its elegance and efficiency in building scalable backend apps;
  • Ruby on Rails - we used this server-side web app framework for its out-of-the-box functionalities, accelerating the development process;
  • PostgreSQL - as our database of choice, PostgreSQL offered robust data integrity and flexibility for the platform;
  • Redis - we chose it for rapid in-memory data structure storing, facilitating data caching, and boosting performance;
  • AWS - was leveraged for its secure, reliable, and scalable cloud computing capabilities.

Team Structure. We covered all the needed SellerBench platform functionality with the help of two of our senior backend developers skilled in Ruby and associated technologies, as well as the AWS toolset.

Communication tools. We maintained constant communication with the SellerBench team throughout the project. Our average work day included timely status updates and commentaries on Notion, a Zoom meeting to estimate the scope of tasks and set delivery deadlines, and also follow-up emails if needed. We also used Slack for real-time communication and quick discussions.

Our decisions regarding architecture, communication, and management throughout the project allowed us to bring an innovative solution to the eCommerce market. SellerBench platform for revenue recovery in retail, created in collaboration with their team, has the potential to revolutionize how online sellers handle financial discrepancies and recover lost revenue.

SellerBench Project Results

Working in partnership with the SellerBench team, we successfully developed a robust and secure profit recovery platform that resolves complex financial discrepancies for eCommerce businesses.

  • Throughout the project, our team handled the backend development for the platform and assisted with some frontend tasks. We worked closely with SellerBench's in-house team, managing project timelines, providing accurate sprint task assessments, and integrating the new backend with the existing frontend system.
  • Our specialists connected the frontend and the backend into a reliable recovery profit system capable of aggregating data from various eCommerce platforms and accounts, converting it into actionable insights. Thus, Sellerbench can collect data from various eCommerce channels and consolidate it into a single dashboard, facilitating quick financial record reviews for its users.
  • We designed a sophisticated rules engine to automate the recovery process so that it requires minimal user input. This allows users to maintain comprehensive transaction records and receive detailed real-time visualized reports on identified and resolved discrepancies.
  • Throughout the whole project duration, we ensured the seamless and secure operation of the platform, with stringent performance and data security measures in place. We also fixed any arising bugs and provided the total technical maintenance for the platform.

The development of SellerBench, an innovative eCommerce solution, took just 6 months, but it allowed us to reshape and simplify how online sellers manage financial discrepancies. A standout feature of SellerBench is its smart automated revenue recovery procedure, which is 3 times quicker than its competitors. This is achieved using innovative profit recovery partners and algorithms, as well as an extensive set of eCommerce tools, including detailed report generation and customizable recovery settings.

These features empower sellers to regain control of their operations, leading to a boost in their profits, and eliminating the need for manual tracking of financial discrepancies. SellerBench offered an automated, efficient solution to recover lost revenue for retailers all over the world. Additionally, SellerBench follows a unique, success-based pricing model, ensuring utmost transparency in its billing processes.

The platform's effectiveness and ease of use were highly appreciated by both the client and its users. Future plans for SellerBench include expanding its compatibility to more eCommerce platforms and enhancing its features based on user feedback.

Technology Stack

At Fively, we prioritize the use of the most suitable technologies for our projects. In the case of SellerBench, our team of engineers utilized a well-rounded and modern toolset, aligning perfectly with the needs of an advanced eCommerce profit recovery platform.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • AWS

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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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