Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company

Fively provided Magento CMS customization services for a company to create a brand-new website with recurring payments integration.

About the Client

Our client is an eCommerce company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. It focuses on the body care niche, offering its customers innovative products and services for personal health, hygiene, protective equipment, lifestyle, and grooming. Its highly skilled international team aims at providing people with the best possible customer experience via state-of-the-art, catching, and user-friendly web platforms and solutions.

Although it’s a pretty young company, they advance the eCommerce market with innovative product lines, a customer-oriented approach, and robust e-payments solutions. It allows them to constantly increase their brand awareness, grow the customer loyalty rate, and strengthen their company market position.


the USA




3 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack

Magento CMS


customer experience rate


increase in brand awareness


e-payments security

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Challenges of Magento CMS Customization

The eCommerce company needed to get a fitting UX vision and compile a brand identity book for the future body care retail store website. The additional challenge here was time: they wanted to provide the end client with a ready-made custom website based on the Magento CMS platform in a short timeline. Thus, they were looking for highly skilled engineers, who can provide Magento customization services and are also well-versed in backend and frontend toolsets. The chosen CMS customization company needed to reach the following goals for this project:

  • Set the project architecture and estimate the scope of tasks
  • Provide user-friendly website design with an intuitive layout and site map
  • Compile the brand identity book for the eCommerce company
  • Fulfill Magento customization services to build a ready-made solution
  • Add secure recurring payments functionality to the platform
  • Set smart shopping cart management at the website
  • Enable high website performance with no bugs on the user side
  • Provide technical support of the ready-made solution

The eCommerce company wanted to get a professional Magento customization eCommerce solution provider, able to solve custom CMS development tasks, and quickly create a user-friendly website according to the client’s brand book. The client was in search of a trusted partner, as the important factor here was a tough timeline. By that time, Fively has already successfully worked with the client as a custom marketplace development software vendor, so they were happy to work with us once more. After a short interview with our backend developers and a web designer, they told us about the project details and our fruitful collaboration started.

How We Helped the eCommerce Company

During this Magento CMS customization project, we followed the best UI/UX practices and used our experience in eCommerce website creation to set the new brand identity for the client’s e-store. We not only helped to manage the project, but also proposed a suitable custom CMS architecture example, and set deliverable deadlines. That’s how our project looked in detail:

Project architecture: To create this eCommerce website, we used the Magento CMS platform toolset, PHP for the Backend, as well as CSS, JS, and HTML for the Frontend.

Team structure: We implemented the full scope of CMS customization services with our senior backend engineers, who are well-versed in PHP and good at frontend tools and libraries, and our web designer, who has a strong background in the eCommerce domain.

Communication tools: We provided the client with daily standups and reports to enable clear communication on the CMS customization project. We also used the Jira tool for task status tracking and management, and Slack for quick discussions of any project-related questions and initiatives.

The chosen project tech stack, architecture, and management decisions allowed us to fit into the strict timeline, successfully provide all Magento customization services and get the highest possible satisfaction rate from the website’s end clients.

What Magento CMS Customization We Provided

Having in mind the tough timeline for the project, our professional backend engineers quickly fulfilled the whole scope of the project goals, and only after 3 months of fruitful work were ready to present the results of the custom CMS development project:

  • We created a unique UX vision for the body care eCommerce company website, and complied its brand identity book, which resulted in a 70% increase in the client’s brand awareness;
  • Our specialists beautifully captured and displayed the end client business opportunities via Magento 2 custom CMS design. We provided the solution with an intuitive layout, built the fitting architecture, and created a user-friendly site map, which helped to get excellent customer experience results;
  • Fively engineers enriched the custom CMS solution with recurring payments functionality and smart shopping cart management, providing users with an easy way of renewing purchases. We enabled a high level of security during each transaction thanks to the following cybersecurity best practices;
  • We greatly improved the website performance and resolved all the bugs on the user side. Thanks to our CMS customization services, the client’s eCommerce website achieved a high score in CoreWebVitals metrics and good SEO results;

Founder at the eCommerce company

Technology Stack

Our software specialists carefully and thoroughly choose the technical stack for each new project. This Magento CMS customization solution was created using the following tools and technologies:

  • CSS
  • JS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Magento CMS

Success Stories

Our eCommerce software specialists focus on creating innovative user-friendly platforms with custom CMS. Check out these solutions examples, which can improve your workflow and customer satisfaction rate.

Magento CMS Customization: an eCommerce Company
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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