Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines

Our engineers have developed an eCommerce wine and spirits website that helps the family-run business sell their best vintages to the world.

About Baron Wines

Baron Wines is a family-run business that was founded in 2010, London. The company sells Burgundy, a dry red wine produced in the east of France. A feature of this wine merchant business is that its owners specialize in trading old and therefore extremely rare alcoholic beverages from the premium segment.

However, Baron Wines is not limited to buying and selling old-vintage spirits. The company also offers brokerage of distinguished wines and accident-free storage of rare items in its secure wine vaults.


the UK




5 months


1-5 developers

Tech stack



is the cost of one bottle of wine


bottles are stored under a watchful eye in Octavian Vaults


wines are in the catalog and available for purchase

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The Challenges of Wine eCommerce Platform Engineering

The family ran their business with success. Somewhere along the line, their wine and spirits company grew to the point when it badly needed a cutting-edge eCommerce website not to cut down momentum, but rather to accelerate the expansion of their business.

When the managers of Baron Wines began to look for a development team that could take on eCommerce retail website development, it happened that their choice fell on Fively. When we got to know each other a little better, the final decision became obvious for both parties —no one could do this job better than the engineers from Fively. In many ways, the choice of Baron Wines managers was due to the fact that they were fond of our portfolio, and found our experience sufficient to safely rely on us in the realm of online eCommerce website development.

Once the decision to cooperate was made, our main goal was to create a genuinely modern wine & spirits website that would help attract new customers who appreciate the exquisite taste of old wine and introduce them to the full range of different services provided by Baron Wines.

Did we succeed in meeting the expectations of fastidious wine connoisseurs? - You bet! After all, we managed to create a marvelous wine store website to achieve an exquisite blend of the fairly tradition-bound wine-making business and the state-of-the-art-type eCommerce industry.

How We Helped Baron Wines with Wine Store Website Development

Going digital is never easy, especially when it comes to conservative industries, such as wine production. Hardly anyone would deny the fact that the eminent culture that has been formed around wine has been cultivated for centuries, and therefore has a large number of deeply-rooted traditions and practices. We knew that we had to dive headlong into the lofty philosophy that lies at the very heart of the production and drinking of classy spirits.

In addition, we were to create a product not for ordinary wine lovers, but for people with a very delicate constitution, refined tastes, and extremely high standards. We made it for connoisseurs of fine wines who know what they need and who are not ready to make concessions.

Bearing in mind all of the above, we approached the task responsibly and were pedantically gathering all the requirements for the future product and wishes of our client to build a wine eCommerce solution of transcendent quality.

Our on-demand developers were keen to create a feature-rich wine eCommerce platform that could boast of its impeccable performance, which in turn would help Baron Wine to exercise its services in accordance with the highest standards and enhance its business development rates significantly.

In the words of the owners of Baron Wines, the engineers from Fively have splendidly handled online eCommerce website development for their wine-focused business. In cooperation with them, we have built a feature-packed eCommerce platform, which right now helps the family-run business to generate new customers, keep in touch with regular clients, promote their services far beyond London and, of course, sell the best vintage wines from France to the savviest drinkers.

Results of Our cooperation on Wine & Spirits Website

Judging by the eCommerce retail website development, which was carried out by a team of engineers from Fively, one cannot help but admire the work done. Over several months, we guided Baron Wines through the digital transformation journey from start to finish.

We have been able to create a pixel-perfect wine eCommerce website that looks and functions as an online store for premium products is supposed to. We’ve also upgraded the CRM system so that valued customers can enjoy a truly personalized experience. It is also worth mentioning that for this wine and spirits online store the warehouse management system has been significantly expanded — right now the software provides more scenarios for interacting with goods, as well as updated calculation scripts.

Nowadays, any small business can completely get rid of the better half of bottlenecks, through eCommerce retail website development, which can greatly increase its capacity and make even a tiny company a very serious rival. Baron Wines is a real-life image of how cutting-edge technology can transform a family-owned firm into a company that does much business globally.

Best Tech Stack for a Custom eCommerce Website

For the platform to work like clockwork, it is necessary to use the most reliable technologies. In wine store website development for Baron Wines, our engineers have chosen the following tech stack:

  • Python
  • Odoo
  • Owl
  • JavaScript

Success Stories

Our developers have been creating high-quality business software since 2018. Cast a glance at the brightest eCommerce projects in which our skilled engineers have taken part.

What Is eCommerce Website Development?

Many software companies provide eCommerce development services. Namely, they perform the design and development of custom web platforms that can be used to promote and sell specific products.

Being a handy tool for online trading, these feature-rich eCommerce solutions have much to offer. Cutting-edge web stores implement such functionality as product catalogs, payment and SEO tools, CRM systems, blog integrations, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce Website?

When it comes to the engineering of a custom eCommerce solution, the price can vary greatly on a case-to-case basis. In many ways, the price is influenced by the complexity and scale of a project, the planned functionality, some design features, and the number of specialists involved.

At the moment, the cost of building a bespoke eCommerce platform usually starts at $40,000. However, software companies practice an individual approach to optimize development expenditures.

Custom Wine and Spirits Website: BaronWines
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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