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Virtual Assistant Development Services

Virtual assistant development is a great way to obtain a cutting⁠-⁠edge software solution that could increase engagement rates by up to 90% and boost sales by up to 50%. Moreover, it's as easy as pie to automate the workflows by means of a reliable virtual chat assistant.

What Is Virtual Assistant Software?

In the simplest terms, chat⁠-⁠based virtual assistants are software solutions that recognize human⁠-⁠generated text or voice commands and execute them using embedded functionality. Such solutions are usually based on some AI technologies, which allow them to “self⁠-⁠learn” and “make progress” while in operation.

Case Studies

At Fively, we provide custom chatbot development services for businesses because we understand that a high⁠-⁠tech virtual assistant is a key to impactful customer communication. Below you can find more info about our recent AI virtual assistant software projects.

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Fively's engineers have provided machine learning chatbot development assistance to a large augmented reality platform headquartered in Europe.

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Fively has developed a cutting-edge custom medical resource management app for a chain of modern practices caring about numerous patients across Germany.

Patient Management Platform: SNAP

Patient Management Platform: SNAP

Our engineers have developed a patient management platform that makes well-considered decisions based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

What Can a Customer Support Virtual Assistant Do for You?

Live chat virtual assistants are awesome tools to make your company more customer⁠-⁠centric. With conversational AI, it's easy to provide your clients with an unrivaled experience and increase their brand loyalty. Here's what else business development virtual assistants can do for your company.

Need Chatbot Development Services?

Let's have a call and discuss your intelligent virtual assistant engineering project.

Boost Engagement With Customer Service and Social Media Chatbots

Сustomer support virtual assistant software could be on the same wavelength with your clients and thus ensure a pleasant customer journey to keep them coming back. At Fively, we provide custom development services for such software solutions from scratch. Look how else chat⁠-⁠based virtual assistants could support your business.

  • Get software that is learning continuously
  • Fine⁠-⁠tune the responses as you wish
  • Provide instant replies around the clock
  • Automate your marketing processes
  • Let an AI social media assistant deal with your media accounts
  • Forget about awkward throwaways – only humant⁠-⁠like lines

Key Industries for Custom Chatbot Development Services

It doesn't matter what business you are running. A virtual chat assistant is a worthwhile investment for any company as it is proficient in multiple languages, provides an impeccable user experience, and is ready to deal with clients 24/7 even at weekends. See what industries most often need assistant development.

Main Features of a Live Chat Virtual Assistant

The present⁠-⁠day customer support virtual assistant has a wide range of features to offer, beginning with responsive voice control and up to personalized communication patterns driven by machine learning. Below you can find the most requested functionality for digital assistants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the real-life examples of virtual assistants?

As of today, the creation of chatbots of all shapes and sizes is one of the most required types of custom web application development. So you may have come across virtual assistants in one form or another.

For example, one of the low-tech implementations of such a solution is customer support robots that often pop up on the websites you visit. On the other hand, the most state-of-the-art embodiment of this technology can be considered a voice assistant that could grasp voice commands and synthesize the corresponding voice lines as replies. These include such sophisticated bots as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

Do I need virtual assistant software?

Chatbot development services may be of interest to many businesses. The robot can perform routine tasks and increase the capacity of your marketing and sales departments significantly. It's an investment that pays off in no time – many companies report engagement increases of up to 90% and sales skyrocket by 60% depending on the domain.

In addition, chatbot creation can easily become part of a marketplace software development project. Engineers can integrate the digital assistant into your eCommerce platform and as a result, you’ll get a software suite with much more extensive functionality. Such a bundle of products is a good choice because it allows you to immediately obtain a powerful yet well-balanced all-in-one eCommerce website at your disposal.

What are the types of virtual assistants?

All virtual assistants can be divided into several categories depending on the technologies they are based upon. Excluding hybrid solutions, it is customary to distinguish the following 3 types of bots:

Menu-based assistants are the simplest solution since they are built around a decision tree, and all their lines are pre-written. Such solutions are inexpensive to produce and are suitable for entertainment, booking, simple marketing research, and so on.

Keyword-based bots are created using Natural Language Processing technology, which allows them to waive the template-based approach and come up with the responses depending on the keywords. The field of their application is pretty wide. For example, such bots are commonly utilized for comprehensive customer support.

ML-based virtual assistants are expensive and extremely difficult to develop. Such solutions are smart enough to cope with very complex tasks. For example, a well-trained virtual assistant can foster meaningful dialogues with people by referring to its "background experience" and current context.

How much does it cost to develop a custom chatbot?

The cost of building a unique chatbot directly correlates with the functionality you intend to implement. The more feature-packed the bot, the more time and coders it will take to develop. In turn, this affects the price tag as well.

On average, prices for simple chatbots with a minimum set of features start at $30,000. Designing and developing complex solutions with a lot of functions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence may cost you about $60,000.

At Fively, we focus on an individual approach to each client and project. Prior to development, we draw up detailed roadmaps with a meticulously calculated budget. You can also contact us for a FREE consultation – our experienced engineers will estimate the cost of your project and tell you how you can cut the corners to stay within your budget.

How long does it take to engineer a chatbot?

On average, the active phase of chatbot development can last from a couple of months to 6 months. In the case of more sophisticated solutions, engineering can take a year.

A separate phase is the support of the application and the release of its updated versions. At this stage, engineers will refine the bot by taking into account the feedback from actual users and your emerging demands. It can also take several months of work.

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