Patient Management Platform: SNAP

Our engineers have developed a patient management platform that makes well-considered decisions based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

About SNAP

SNAP is a unit of Brightree – one of the leading US companies providing software and services for post-acute care. This particular branch deals with patient management services. Their flagship product is a cutting-edge performance management platform that, with the assistance of AI-based technologies, can make complex decisions to automate the patient care process.

The team of engineers from Fively took part in the creation of this tool.


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The Challenges of a Patient Management Tool Development

There is hardly anyone who will deny the fact that the healthcare industry always grows by leaps and bounds. The public health service has been an ever-living source of innovation for a very long time. The reason for this is the apparent desire to improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction rates.

Nowadays, clinic-to-clinic digitalization does not come as a surprise. All present-day patients have their own electronic health records and therefore no one expects to be faced with an old-fashioned patient record sheet. In the same way, the medical staff relies on some kind of patient management platform when dealing with their administrative tasks and other related duties.

On the other hand, patient self-management tools are gaining popularity, which allows those in need to take care of themselves on their own, without involving a GP. Such state-of-the-art solutions with direct patient engagement have proven to be effective in reducing the workload on the attending physician and giving the patient much greater independence from medical workers. For example, these apps have functionality such as patient-reported outcomes and AI in pain management. Apparently, contemporary eHealth tools cannot do without notification modules and virtual assistants.

One can observe soaring demand for high-quality software in the patient flow management solutions market, which will combine the best technologies and approaches, and will also be able to provide real value not only to the medical staff but also to the patients themselves.

As the result, cutting-edge management apps have become an integral element of any modern medical institution. All medical institutions are trying to integrate the most modern and feature-packed patient management platforms into their workflow. Resilience and privacy are always at the forefront of such software solutions.

There aren't many software companies that have the expertise to build complex applications for healthcare professionals. Fively is exactly the company that creates HealthTech solutions that meet the high standards of the industry. Therefore, Brigtree decided to start developing SNAP, a brand-new AI-powered patient management platform, together with our engineers.

How We Helped SNAP Build a Patient Portal

We started working on SNAP, a company specializing in post-acute-care-related services, in 2019. Despite the fact that this American company is a major manufacturer of HealthTech software, for this game-changing project, they needed to significantly expand the staff of experts at that time. For this reason, they put together a team of experienced engineers with relevant HealthTech backgrounds to begin developing their cutting edge performance management platform. And, of course, it included our brilliant software developers.

The purpose of this cooperation was to create from scratch a unique patient management system that could cover a huge variety of tasks related to patient care and beyond. The main difference from the solutions offered by competitors was the presence of AI-driven functionality that would make this patient relationship management platform pretty smart and somewhat independent. We were directly involved in making the idea of highly automated patient management software a reality.

The experts from Fively worked on the two main elements of the entire complex automation system. Namely, we created from scratch a modern portal for patients and a user-friendly mobile application. Our well-versed programmers have also developed modules for appointment scheduling, real time appointment reminders, medical billing automation scripts, and other functionality for this patient management platform.

It was planned that this platform will allow clinics to improve the quality of patient care, and patients, in turn, will receive exactly the care they need at the moment. An important role in the product being developed was played by the integration of technological solutions based on a data-driven approach. Thus, each stage of treatment would be regulated not only by medical staff but also by intelligent AI scripts. And the same goes for medical record and patient record management procedures – they should be handled by all-seeing Artificial Intelligence as well.

The SNAP system should have not only the functionality necessary for treatment and patient care but also the tools for processing the related documentation. So we also had to implement scripts and modules to automate paperwork in huge volumes in order to save time for real employees of healthcare institutions.

The Results of Our Cooperation

Since SNAP is an extremely large-scale software engineering project, our continuous cooperation with Brightree has been going on for more than 3 years.

Although work on updating and polishing the product is still ongoing, the results of our cooperation are already highly beneficial to many medical institutions. The set of patient management tools called SNAP helps doctors and nurses provide inmates with proper post-acute care.

Our experienced full-stack engineers have built both the web-based portal and the mobile app, which are now essential elements of the SNAP patient management solutions. Both forenamed elements are state-of-the-art and feature-packed solutions that function flawlessly with the rest of the SNAP components, creating a comprehensive cutting-edge management eHealth software ecosystem.

The high-quality and flexible patient management tool can be easily adapted to any clinic or medical practice to significantly increase overall performance in just 2 months. Among other systems represented in the patient flow management solutions market, this product differs in that it has excellent stability of performance and can be used as an all-in-one software suite by various health care providing institutions.

The outstanding quality of the final product and the increasing demand for it allows us and Brightree to consider the project to be extremely successful and the partnership with our developers to be incredibly productive.

Tech Stack for Patient Management Solutions

Our engineers work closely with healthcare practices and know firsthand everything about high-quality medical apps. To build just such trustworthy products, our developers utilize only those technologies that you can safely rely on. So here comes the best tech stack for patient flow management solutions and patient relationship management platforms.

  • ASP.NET Core
  • JavaScript
  • Redis

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Patient Management Platform: SNAP
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