Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

We implemented a social networking app development project to create a video-based event and content calendar enabling 100% direct celebrities-fans interaction.

About KnowApp Inc.

KnowApp is an early-stage startup based in Los Angeles, USA. It focuses on providing a brand-new iOS-based free event invite app for celebrities, singers, and creators of any kind. The reach functionality of the platform allows its users to host various media content and webinars of excellent quality for thousands of fans worldwide, giving them new digital experiences.

What makes this platform different is that celebrities here can reach their fans 100% of the time directly by sharing personalized video invites. Plus, it has a super-catching and user-friendly design, for which the app has already been given 5 out of 5 stars at AppStore.


the USA


Marketing and Advertising


2 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack

Serverless Framework


stars at AppStore


direct celebrities-fans interaction


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Event Invite App Development Challenges

Before we started our collaboration on a common project, the KnowApp Inc. team felt frustrated with all the video hosting solutions available on the market: firstly, they didn’t possess all the needed features, and secondly, they were more like person-centered, while they wanted to create something really useful and content-centered.

Thus, the client decided to make something that spoke more to artists, musicians, and creators. In other words, they wanted to create the best event invite app to minimize the uncertainty of digital events held by artists and bloggers, so that everyone fan could be included.

Thus, Know App Inc. wanted to develop a social networking website, that could allow creators of any kind to host experiences and reach their fans 100% of the time by sharing personalized video invites. The platform should be able to create webinars and live streams, broadcast and prerecord them, send automatic app event invites and help fans subscribe to favorite celebrities. For this project implementation, the chosen custom social network development company needed to reach the following goals:

  • Help to manage the social network development project and estimate the scope of tasks;
  • Build an iOS-based event calendar for sharing content between celebrities and their fans;
  • Create a catching, modern, and user-friendly design for the iOS application;
  • Enable the platform with robust functionality allowing to create invites with a smartphone camera and broadcast any type of media like webinars, lives, drops, etc., and reach fans directly 100% of the time;
  • Enable quick and 100% secure on-site registration and personalized settings tuning for both fans and celebs;
  • Provide technical and maintenance support during the whole social development network project, and resolve all the bugs on the user side if any.

For this, the company was looking for highly skilled backend developers, who are well-versed in the Node.js platform and AWS toolsets, familiar with front-end tech stack, and also able to provide databases management to implement an impressive list of the platform features, fix arising bugs, and optimize the app speed. The important factors, among others, were proficient English skills and the fitting time zone of the developers.

After a long period of searching for a fitting custom engineering team, the client has come upon our company profile and has an interview with our developers. They checked our experience with PWA development services, custom marketplace projects, and, of course, iOS development. KnowApp Inc. ensured that Fively had the professional knowledge and background they needed, and chose our company for this project. That’s how our fruitful collaboration on web platform customization started in 2021.

How to Develop a Social Network App: Fively Expertise

During this iOS development project, we provided not only professional development services and well-commented and tested code. We also held top-tier management of the project at all stages. We estimated the scope of tasks, set deliverable deadlines, communicated with the client’s team on a daily basis, and proposed optimal architecture solutions as well as the tech stack. That’s what our project looked like.

Project Architecture: To create this event invite app, we used the architecture described below.

  • Node.js - to provide API development of the application for fans;
  • AWS - to store and retrieve media files of any type;
  • DynamoDB - to store users' personal data;
  • Serverless Framework - to perform all the administration of the application for fans;
  • Hasura - to create modern GraphQL or REST APIs with a built-in authorization layer for your data.

Team Structure: We implemented the given scope of the project goals with 2 of our senior backend specialists, who are also highly professional at iOS development, and frontend tasks, and well aware of the database toolset.

Communication tools: Here we mainly used Jira for task status tracking and management, as well as Slack for a quick discussion of any initiatives and possible changes in the project. We also provided the KnowApp Inc. team with a daily standup to ensure clear communication and used e-mails for sending follow-up notes.

These technical and workflow management decisions allowed us to successfully cover all the projects’ goals, stay creative and flexible, and deliver one of the best event invite iOS apps available in the market.

Project Results

As a result of our fruitful collaboration with the KnowApp Inc. team, we created from scratch a brand-new event app for celebs and their fans, and provided it with a bunch of the following smart features:

  • Fively specialists fully managed the social network development project. Starting from day 1, we estimated the scope of tasks, set deliverable deadlines, proposed fitting architectural decisions, and used agile methodologies to implement the project goals.
  • We developed from scratch an iOS-based event calendar for sharing content between celebrities and their fans. It allows creators of any kind to host, prerecord, and broadcast digital events using their camera, Here, creators can fully control the content distribution and reach their fans 100% of the time by sharing personalized video invites.
  • Our specialists created a catching, modern, and user-friendly design for the iOS application, that was highly estimated by the platform users and was awarded 5 stars out of 5 possible at the AppStore.
  • Fively engineers set up quick and 100% secure on-site registration and personalization settings with notifications so that fans could always stay tuned with the latest updates of their favorite celebrities. Plus, they can share event links anywhere on the web and invite their friends to join a certain event.
  • We provided technical and maintenance support during the whole social development network project, resolved all the bugs on the user, and optimized the app’s speed.

Thus, we finished this social network app development project at a reasonable cost and in a really short timeline, so that the KnowApp Inc. team was highly satisfied with its results. We built a video calendar that keeps fans in the loop and notifies them when their favorite creators host any digital events, which helped significantly minimize uncertainty surrounding the digital events of celebrities, and make every fan feel included.

Technology Stack for the Event Invite App Development

Our engineers always pay close attention to the tech stack used in both mobile and web content-sharing projects. To implement all the needed social networking app development features, we used the following modern tools and technologies:

  • Node.js
  • AWS
  • DynamoDB
  • Hasura
  • Serverless Framework

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Social Networking App Development: KnowApp
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Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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