Data science

Data Science Development Services

Getting valuable information for business purposes becomes easier with data science development. These services allow businesses to test hypotheses and make better⁠-⁠informed decisions by using AI, ML, and other data science app development solutions.

What Is Data Science?

Data science is a field of knowledge that provides valuable findings for businesses using computer programming, math, big data, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and other methods and technologies.

Data Science Services We Provide

We have expertise in data science for sustainable development for different organizations, projects, and businesses. We use a wide range of data science and data analytics methods to get precise results.

Data storage

Data pipelines engineering

We create pipelines to handle and study all kinds of business⁠-⁠related information, including big data.


Predictive and prescriptive analytics

We use different areas of data analytics to extract insights and make predictions that drive strategic thinking.

Machine learning

Machine learning implementation

We implement various ML solutions, choose the right algorithms, work out models, and search for answers in data sets.

Data visualization

Data visualization services

We implement modern technology to visualize the data using graphics, reports, charts, and other means of representation.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing

We apply data science and AI solutions to process and analyze information from human language – texts and speech.

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Success Stories

Stories of our clients’ success are the best proof of why data science is important for reaching better business results. Read some data science case studies with solutions and other success stories!

Data Visualization Case Study: Veritree

Data Visualization Case Study: Veritree

In this data visualization case study, we cover a top-market web app for a nature restoration company that helped to plant > 12 424 600 trees worldwide.

B2B Insurance Claims Automation

B2B Insurance Claims Automation

We have developed an insurance claims automation solution, which robotically validates 80% of all insurance claims with no human involvement.

Identity Verification Services Development: Swordfish

Identity Verification Services Development: Swordfish

We built a set of top-market identity verification service apps that fully automated contacts data gathering and management, making it a 1-minute procedure.

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

B2B Blockchain Platform Engineering: BloXmove

The team of business analysts and engineers from Fively participated in the creation of a B2B blockchain powered platform for mobility providers.

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Fively's engineers have provided machine learning chatbot development assistance to a large augmented reality platform headquartered in Europe.

Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company

Anti-Fraud Solutions: Data Protection Tool for a Telecommunications Company

Discover Fively expertise in anti-fraud solutions: read how we created a cutting-edge data protection analytical tool for a telecommunications company.

Data-Driven Real Estate Visualization and Property Search Implementation

Data-Driven Real Estate Visualization and Property Search Implementation

Our engineers have built a data-driven real estate platform to help brokers and property owners strike win-win investment decisions in New York.

Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


Data Science Applications and Examples

There are many use cases of data science: business development, process automation, data visualization and analytics, client experience improvement, and more other options.

Data science

Operational intelligence modeling

We gather real⁠-⁠time information to analyze it with ML and AI technology, providing accurate and relevant results.

Sales process automation

We use data science to automate repetitive tasks and build software for lead generation and client relation management.

Customer experience personalization

We offer data science development services to provide valuable conclusions from information about your customers.

Patient treatment optimization

We use big data and other information sources to help healthcare providers in communication and diagnostics.

Traffic patterns modeling

We apply best practices of data science product development to create solutions for traffic management.

Fraud detection automation

We use modern ML and AI solutions to monitor and analyze data from different sources, detecting suspicious activity.

Business metrics analysis

We implement data analytics to track the performance of different metrics and support profitable ways of doing business.

Automated reports creation

We use best practices of automation and visualization to build software creating informative reports.

Why Companies Choose Fively

Our specialists have a product mindset and diverse expertise, which is why clients choose us as their data science development consultant and a partner for new solutions engineering.


Transparency of development processes

Our team has a transparent approach to discovery and product development, sharing important details with a client.


Safety and sustainability of products

We apply best practices of data science for sustainable development, based on project goals and requirements.


Cutting edge technologies matching real⁠-⁠world vision

We are proficient in data science app development and related fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.


Easy and professional communication

We provide experienced research and development teams to make sure that our collaboration is most productive.

Work with certified data science engineers to get better solutions

Fively employs officially certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers. Let’s schedule a call and discuss your project with genuine experts!

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The Benefits of Data and Analytics Services

You can discover many advantages when starting to utilize data science solutions. Risk mitigation and support of decision⁠-⁠making are the primary ones, but there can be more for an individual company.


Personalizing customer experience

You don’t have to choose between data science or web development – use both to create a great customer experience.


Supporting decision⁠-⁠making

It is easier to make info⁠-⁠driven decisions when you have data science development solutions to validate ideas.


Streamlining actions

If you want to understand how your company performs and what can be improved, reach out to a data science company.

Risk analysis

Mitigating risks and managing setbacks

When it comes to risk management, you can benefit from Machine Learning and other services related to big data analytics.


Improving security

You don’t choose between web development or data science when it comes to security, you just benefit from both.


Making correct predictions

With data science services, you can gather, analyze, and visualize information to predict future outcomes.

Our Industry Expertise

Data specialists at Fively are proficient in data science app development for many industries. We have completed a variety of projects, which means we understand goals and challenges of different businesses.

What Our Clients Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does data science do?

Daily activities of a data scientist include research and writing algorithms or code. Teamwork is an integral part of the process – several specialists join forces to find, source, clean, structure, analyze and understand the data. Data scientists help solve various business problems by discovering the right questions to answer and related sets of information. Companies use data science for sustainable development of various projects – for example, to find the most efficient way to conduct AWS and Google Cloud migration without serious risks and problems. The final result of the specialists’ work is a comprehensive report that answers questions, proves hypotheses, validates ideas, etc.

What is data science development?

Data science solutions building starts with defining and problems and finding data sources, followed by different processes to transform the data and then create custom models that can provide answers to the stated problems.

How to tell if it is time to hire a data scientist?

A business question is the main reason to look for data science service providers. Your question or challenge may be related to your current reporting tool, or the level of customer services, or employee productivity, or anything else. The important factor is your belief that the answer to this query lies in your company data. In this case, skilled data scientists will be able to analyze your current situation, find valuable information hidden within big data, make sense of what they found, and prepare visualizations for stakeholders to understand and make better decisions.

What does data science do for companies?

When it comes to data science business development, there is a whole lifecycle which means conducting a wide range of processes with various tools. A typical project includes these four stages:

  1. Collecting data. First of all, a data science specialist collects all kinds of data using different methods such as scraping, streaming from different systems, etc. Some pieces may have structure (customer data) while others come unstructured (video, audio, pictures, real-time data from IoT devices, etc.), and there can be different formats too.
  2. Storing and processing data. Specialists create standards and workflows to handle the data properly and prepare it for analysis. At this stage, there are different processes like cleaning, making copies, loading, transforming, etc.
  3. Analyzing data. Data scientists carry out various kinds of studying, modeling, evaluation, A/B tests, pattern search, etc. They use Machine Learning, predictive analytics, Deep Learning, etc. We provide data science as a service – companies from various industries approach us for solutions that can help them find answers to specific business-related questions.
  4. Reporting and visualization of data. Everything valuable that specialists find becomes reports and visualizations. Later, business analysts can work with this information and base their decision on it.

What are data science consulting services?

Consulting on problems related to data science can mean all kinds of advice. For example, a company may want to consult on the best ways to analyze information before starting complex processes like system integration or business automation. Consultation services are always based on expertise of specialists in neural networks, machine learning, predictive analytics, big data, etc. Moreover, data science consulting services are based on a profound analysis and understanding of the company’s problems and strategic goals.

What are some examples of data science services?

Data analysis is an integral part of customer success strategies, security checking, fraud prevention, etc. For example, an insurance company may use the services of a data science development firm to gather and study customer banking history, housing conditions, health information, accident statistics, and other pieces of data to decide which kind of insurance policy they can offer. Other industries that benefit from data science services are Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Real estate, and more.

What are the 3 main concepts of data science?

There are three main processes of data transformation – collecting, structuring, and analysis. All of these are included in the data science model development life cycle.

What are the 4 types of data science?

What are the 4 types of data science? Data science includes several primary branches: Computer science, Machine learning , Data analysis, and Statistics. Each branch influences the process of handling information in different unique ways.

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