Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company

Fively's engineers have provided machine learning chatbot development assistance to a large augmented reality platform headquartered in Europe.

About Our Client

Our client is a well-known company located in Europe that provides state-of-the-art solutions based on augmented reality technology. The client’s platform allows hundreds of enterprises to implement modern AR solutions in their software products to deliver digital shoppers more meaningful tools for interacting with numerous goods online.

At this point, our client is a major AR service provider for many big-name brands from completely different business domains.




Augmented Reality


28 months


1-5 developers

Tech stack



of conversations managed by a bot without the engagement of a specialist


world-famed companies as clients


increase in the response rates when using a chatbot

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The Challenge of Online Chat Assistant Development

A real breakthrough in the world of digital assistants was the emergence of chatbot machine learning technologies. Nowadays, many such automation solutions are based on certain chatbot machine learning algorithms. The rise of chat bot AI assistants solves a number of problems that were beyond the reach of their less advanced versions lacking AI and ML integrations.

Chat assistant apps have come a long way from tongue-tied robots built on keyword recognition patterns to sci-fi-esque models utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology. Machine learning and chatbots fit like a hand in a glove – together they can break the ice with your customers and keep the business going.

Therefore, it is extremely important for developers to make sure that the client does not even notice that a dialogue is being held by means of a virtual assistant. Today, making an intelligent chatbot truly intelligent is the primary goal and the major challenge for chatbot machine learning engineers to face.

How We Helped an AR Company Enhance Customer Service

The on-demand developers from Fively began the collaboration with the augmented reality company in 2019. Our client was looking for a team of developers that could help them build a complex machine learning chatbot tool to streamline the communication with their customers.

The scope of work for the engineers was not limited to a simple chatbot machine learning project. We had to go the extra mile and create not just a chat bot AI assistant, but a feature-packed toolkit built upon chatbot technology and neural networks.

The future software suite was supposed to provide many options for support and sales departments, such as information about the AR products, vital customer data, info about similar cases, and so on. It was also required to implement a range of integrations with other services, like Zendesk, LivePerson, etc.

The machine learning chatbot solution was built to automate a major part of the interactions with clients and also become a handy reference source for customer care agents. In a nutshell, it was believed that the final product would significantly skyrocket the effectiveness of the departments dealing with buyers.

Indeed, the result surpassed even the boldest expectations since our solution was able to double the productivity rates of the employees.

The Result

It took our engineers a little over 2 years to create a bespoke and truly cutting-edge software product, which now helps one well-renowned augmented reality company from Europe remain on the same wavelength with its customers.

The engineers from Fively were involved in frontend and backend development activities. We also implemented all the required 3rd party integrations and created a user-friendly browser extension for Chrome from ground zero.

The client evaluates the experience of working together with Fively’s virtual chat assistants development team as extremely positive. Our engineers have established themselves as a well-coordinated group of highly qualified professionals with impeccable communication skills.

Being developed with the direct involvement of Fively, this complex chatbot with machine learning functions has become a game-changing tool for the AR company. It helped them harmonize the workflow across several departments of the company at once, reducing the burden on sales and support agents and making access to relatable product and customer info really instantaneous.

Tech Stack for a Chatbot With Machine Learning

In this machine learning chatbot project, our engineers used only steadfast technologies. Take a look at the tools our developers use to build modern virtual assistants:

  • Python
  • Flask
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Airflow
  • Kubernetes

Success Stories

Creating this chatbot with machine learning technologies, Fively’s engineers often resorted to Python. Here are some other projects in which we utilized this general-purpose programming language.

Why does my company need a chatbot?

Consistent communication with customers is one of the pillars of any successful business. In numerous present-day companies, a significant share of customer support is handled by chat assistant applications. Such advanced software solutions allow even small companies to persistently deliver a positive customer experience. For example, modern-day chat assistant apps can respond to a bunch of straightforward questions in pure human language in real-time, and, if necessary, involve a specialist in a dialogue.

Machine Learning Chatbot Engineering for an AR Company
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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