A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

Fively created a chrome extension for invoice workflow processing that provided customers with a personalized experience and allowed to increase sales up to 77%.

About Garmentier

Garmentier is a young and ambitious enterprise software company headquartered in Chicago, the USA. They are focused on creating game-changing Chrome extension workflow solutions to help stylists, salespeople, and retailers create a more personalized customer experience.

Their unique platform allows scaling 1:1 customized shopping experience into a beneficial selling technology while leaving a high level of personalization for each customer. Garmentier helps companies and self-employed professionals increase their sales by removing growth roadblocks, increasing the end customers' satisfaction, and creating a new digital selling experience.


the USA




2+ years, ongoing


1-5 engineers

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails


clients valued high personalization


increase in sales


more satisfied customers

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Challenges of Creating an Invoice Processing Solution

Our client, being a young and ambitious marketplace company, wanted to completely change the way stylists, fashion experts, retailers, and brands collaborate with their customers. They wanted to create an invoice processing workflow system that could provide a 100% personalized and flawless digital experience for each customer, leaving them highly satisfied and wanting to pay more.

For this purpose, they were looking for professional engineers able to strengthen their domestic software team and provide both frontend and backend development for an invoice processing workflow solution. Here is the full list of goals Garmetier’s team wanted to reach as a result of the cooperation in this invoice processing system creation:

  • Develop a Chrome extension for retail services personalization according to the client's; UX vision;
  • Strengthen the in-house client’s team with frontend and backend development;
  • Tune the retail extension layout to make it intuitive and user-friendly;
  • Create a branded website representing the retail extension capabilities;
  • Enable bug-free performance both for the Chrome extension and for the website;
  • Provide technical support of the automated invoice processing workflow tool.

To develop this Chrome extension, Garmentier needed a trusted software vendor, who could integrate quickly into the company’s inner processes. By then, Fively engineers had already successfully worked with the client on creating other custom web applications, and received positive feedback. That’s why they were happy to work with us once more. After a short interview with our frontend and backend developers, Garnentier shared the retail extension project details, and back in October 2020, our fruitful collaboration started.

How Fively Created an Invoice Processing Solution

Fively software team started to work together with Garmetier in-house engineers to develop the game-changing Google Chrome extension for the Retail industry. We followed the best UI/UX practices and used our experience in eCommerce extension development to provide the sales personalization tool with maximum performance and an intuitive layout. During this Chrome invoice extension project, we used the following strategy:

Project architecture. We divided the invoice processing project implementation into two steps: firstly, we accomplished the retail extension development, and then finished with the branded website creation. During both these stages, we used React for the frontend, Ruby on Rails for the backend, and Next.js for both these purposes.

We also used two databases: a relative database PostgreSQL to store the core business data of the application, and an in-memory database Redis to store cache and provide timely enhancements and optimizations.

Team structure. We implemented the full scope of this workflow invoice processing project with 3 of our senior frontend engineers, 1 backend engineer, and 1 full-stack engineer. The whole team had a strong background in the eCommerce domain and deep knowledge in browser extension development.

Communication tools. We used GitHub for project management, and Slack for quick communication in-team and with the client. We also provided Garmentier with regular standups and reports to enable clear communication during this retail extension development project.

Using this strategy, we smoothly and quickly integrated into Garmentier internal development processes, and helped their team to accomplish all the Chrome invoice extension project goals.

Result of the Cooperation with Garmentier

Due to the chosen project architecture, technical stack, team structure, and communication tools, we managed to not only reach all the set project goals and personalized the retail workflow. We contributed insightful ideas and professional feedback that helped the Garmentier team refine their other products and overall technical processes. Only after 11 months of fruitful work were ready to present the results of the project.

  • We created a game-changing and user-friendly retail extension for Chrome according to the client’s unique UX vision. It has intuitive structure, multiple services offered, numerous membership plans, and great customization capabilities for maximum workflow optimization.
  • The created retail extension allowed greatly personalize the way stylers, fashion experts, retailers, and even brands treat customers, and resulted in 80% increase in their clients’ satisfaction rate and in 77% increase in their sales.
  • Our specialists displayed Garmentier’s retail platform business opportunities via a user-friendly and catching branded website. We provided it with an intuitive layout and a user-friendly site map, which helped to get excellent customer experience results.
  • We greatly improved and optimized both the retail extension and the website performance and resolved all the bugs on the user side. The client’s eCommerce website achieved a good score in CoreWebVitals metrics and the highest possible satisfaction rate from the extension's end clients.
  • Fively team continues to provide technical support and maintenance of the invoice processing Chrome extension at the approximate cost and flexible options to ensure the flawless digital experience for each user of the tool.

CTO at Garmentier

Technology Stack

Fively engineers always care about choosing scalable, innovative, and up-to-date technologies for each custom software project. This Chrome extension solution was created using the following technology stack:

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL

Success Stories

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A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier
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Awards and Recognition

Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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