IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control

Our engineers have taken part in an IoT application development project that enables 100% remote control for a 3D printer via a mobile phone.

About the Client

Our client is an outstanding IoT company headquartered in California. It provides users with an all-in-one open-source smart 3D printing platform, which fully automates the printing process and makes it 100% remote.

The platform is fully operable remotely via a mobile phone, and also has a robust AI-based failure detection and prevention feature, which enables high levels of security during all stages of the printing process.

Despite being a young company, our client has already got over 100,000 active users on their platform from all over the world. Plus, they have built an impressive 3D printing online community where makers can communicate and exchange their 3D printing ideas on a daily basis, which has turned the platform into one of the most popular printing solutions available on the market.


the USA


Information technology and services


2 months


1-5 engineers

Tech stack

React Native


AI-driven failure detection system


remote control via mobile phone


active platform users

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Challenges of IoT Application Development Project

Platforms for 3D printing with remote control are only an emerging technology, so enabling their flawless, bug-free, and totally secure work is a challenging and out-of-the-box task. Our client was in the process of MVP development for such a platform, so they needed really talented engineers to join their in-house development team and help them create a 100% remote and state-of-the-art mobile solution for 3D printing. They wanted to help all makers get a perfect remote experience with the full functionality of the on-premise app.

In other words, they were looking for a custom software vendor able to reach the following goals:

  • Help to automate the process of remote 3D printing via a mobile monitoring platform;
  • Fix any arising bugs and make the needed refactoring of the platform’s architecture;
  • Enable bug-free and stable work of the 3D printer remote control platform with thousands of concurrent users;
  • Ensure 100% security and smart printers failure prevention system for the platform;
  • Provide full technical maintenance and support for the platform.

Thus, the client was looking for highly skilled frontend engineers with a strong background in IoT application development, able to optimize the existing architecture for the platform and fix any arising bugs in this innovative 3D printer control solution. They also wanted to be sure that the possible candidates possessed a proficient level of English, as they wanted them to become an integral part of their in-house software team.

That’s how the client came upon our company profile and decided to set up an introductory call. They were impressed with our SaaS development expertise, as well as with our remote monitoring app creation experience, so they chose Fively as the best-suiting software company for the project implementation. After an introductory call and sharing the project details, requirements, and expectations, our collaboration on a common project started in 2021.

How We Enabled 100% Remote Control for 3D Printers

During this cloud app development project, Fively engineers worked closely with the client’s in-house team to build a game-changing 3D printing tool, using the strategy described below.

Project architecture. Our frontend engineers used the full potential of its cutting-edge libraries and frameworks to optimize the platforms’ work, and make it quick, user-friendly, and bug-free:

  • React Native for cross-platform solution development with a robust React toolset;
  • TypeScript language for interfaces declaration and following best practices of OOP;
  • Redux library for data fetching, transforming, and management.

Team structure. To fulfill the full scope of this IoT software development project tasks, we involved 2 senior frontend engineers, who are well-versed in IoT development services, as well as in automation and SI software solutions.

Communication tools. During this application of IoT remote control system creation, we worked closely with the client’s software team and ensured a high level of communication upon the project’s progress. We provided the client with weekly meetings to talk about the current status of the team, manage the project delivery, and discuss any arising technical issues. Plus, we used Slack and email for in-team communication, as well as GitHub for project management and status updates.

These technical and communication decisions allowed us to successfully cover all the project’s goals, and include everything customers need to remotely control their 3D printers, which quickly turned the platform into the #1 market’s choice.

IoT Application Development Project Results

The client, just like the final users of the created 3D printing platform, was highly satisfied with the platform. Working together with the client's in-house development team, we created the top market platform for remote 3D printing. Below you can find the project outcomes in detail.

  • We helped to tune and automate the process of remote 3D printing via cutting-edge IoT product development. Nowadays it helps over 100,000 users totally control 3D printers remotely via their mobile phones.
  • Our engineers fixed all the arising bugs and made the needed refactoring of the system to improve its work. Now users at any chosen business plan can get a fully automated, flawless, and bug-free 3D printing experience.
  • Fively specialists helped to provide the platform with powerful 3D printer monitoring and control systems, so now the platform users can detect any print failures in real-time just using a webcam. Thus, the platform provides the best possible 3D printer control and security capabilities on the market.
  • Fively specialists provided full technical support and maintenance for the platform, including load and stress testing to ensure it’s 100% secure and bug-free work with thousands of concurrent users.

As for now, the platform is one the best 3D printing solutions on the market with an active user base of 100,000 makers, and it keeps growing.

Technology Stack

We only use the best-fitting tools and technologies for our solutions. This IoT application development project was implemented using the following state-of-the-art tech stack.

  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • Redux

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IoT Development Project: 3D Printers Remote Control
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Fively is a custom software development company, that has been gaining recognition throughout its existence.


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