Top 30 Small Business App Ideas for 2024

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We prepared for you the ultimate list of top 30 small business app ideas to realize in 2024 that can really bring you a fortune.

How to invest money with maximum profit and what’s trending now? Businessmen always have a bunch of interesting small business web, mobile, and desktop app ideas in their bag, but which of them really worth the play in 2024?

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The app market is overwhelmed with various solutions, as people turn to their smartphones for almost every task. The industry is predicted to generate as much as $431 billion by the end of the ongoing year with hundreds of new apps to come. So what to choose? Today we’ll help you answer this question, as we’ve done all the routine research for you and prepared a top list of small business opportunity app ideas for 2024. Here we go!

Small Business On-Demand & Scheduling Apps: Household Services

People tend to spend less time on household services and free it for the things they love: work, family, and hobbies. IT providers are eager to help them with smart and handy applications that can ease their daily routines. Below you will find examples of the most awaited solutions in this niche:

1. Household Services Ordering App

Such an app could structure all the housekeeping services and providers on one platform according to their popularity, feedback, and budget level. Thus, people could order and even schedule everything they need to do at their houses from dusting and cleaning to mowing and landscaping in one place, saving time, effort, and money.

2. Authenticity Verification App

Nowadays people can buy almost every product through the internet, but there is another problem: a great number of replicas and fake brands. An app that could scan a barcode of the product and verify its authenticity would significantly ease customers’ journey. This mobile app idea would be even better if such a platform could make a price comparison among all shops selling the original product.

IAM Automation – Ultimate Guide to Identity and Access Management Automation | Fively
We have created an identity and access management automation system that is recommended for use even by the association of Danish Auditors.

3. Beauty Salon Appointment Booking App

This is one of the best apps to make in the coming year, as the beauty industry has grown drastically with an overwhelming number of services and products to order. But it’s still lacking a user-friendly and robust customizable platform that could save women’s time for all these procedures. To make even more profit, small businesses can collaborate with beauty services providers to give their users exclusive discounts when ordering several or repeated procedures.

4. Car Services App

Regular maintenance and technical inspection of any car require not only time but also experience in what services or providers fit better the certain car model. Seeking truth in this question can be quite challenging. A customizable car web portal with all the car services like washing, cleaning, repairing, detailing, etc., keeping track of customers’ feedback on the quality of these services could be a real breakthrough in this field.

5. Emergency Car Service App

Almost all drivers at least in their lives face the situation when they’re broken on an unknown road with no ability to continue the trip and there’s nobody to help them. In this emergency situation, they’re forced to wait for help for hours. But a special emergency car service app could help to solve this problem much faster: a driver could tell about their problem and destination, and the nearest car service station, connected to this app, could send a squad of specialists to help or evacuate them.

Source: Unsplash

Best Web App Ideas for the Food Industry

Software applications and tools for the food industry are also extremely popular, as people now don’t want to spend time cooking or buying groceries. They’re seeking a way to optimize their money and time resources with the help of new technologies. Below we’ve collected the ones customers lack and are eager to get in the coming year:

6. AI-based Food and Beverages Ordering App

Buying food and groceries each week is quite a time-consuming process, isn’t it? That’s why statistics proves that more than 60% of U.S. customers prefer to order delivery or takeout at least once a week. The global online grocery market is going to grow 5 times and reach $42830 million by the end of 2027, that’s why it’s high time for supermarkets to think of an online grocery store.

A Custom CMS for Product Ordering Website Development | Fively
Fively engineers built from scratch a custom CMS for product ordering website, which significantly facilitated the way people and organizations buy water.

There are already numerous similar solutions available on the market, but the one that could be really game-changing is the AI-based purchase scheduling app. It could analyze the food you buy, alert you when it’s time to go to a supermarket, make healthy advice and membership discounts, propose new recipies to cook, and even have an option of online ordering of the food you put in your list.

7. AI-Based Restaurant Booking App

Restaurant owners often deal with the problem of losing clients due to the lack of personnel who can answer all the calls and make on-time reservations. AI-based virtual assistants could solve this problem and free the time of personnel for other tasks. People want an app able to consult on the menu, and specialties, book a table, and provide the administration with special notes if a client has certain food preferences or diet.

8. Restaurant Management App

The restaurant business is boosting after the post-covid comeback, and its owners are seeking ways of workflow and management optimization at the places. Remote monitoring systems and scheduling apps could help them to achieve this goal: better insights, real-time statistics, and increased staff productivity are only a few benefits that possess such apps for businesses.

Traveling App Ideas

Luckily, the pandemic of Covid-19 is coming to an end, so people all over the world are thinking of traveling, as they want to catch up with the time when traveling abroad was restricted. We’ve collected the top 5 bright app ideas for businesses that can bring you a good profit in 2024.

9. Voice Recognition and Translation App

When traveling, people often face language difficulties, but they don’t have enough time to translate what’s been said. It causes misunderstandings and additional difficulties in the trip. A quick and easy language translation app with voice recognition supporting several languages could solve this problem and help many people travel with greater ease and comfort.

10. Online Packing and Moving Services App

Moving to another place to live is not something exceptional, but rather an ordinary case in the life of a modern person. But packing and transporting all these things and furniture is always a daunting task. Software vendors are already trying to help people solve it via user-friendly all-in-one platforms, offering various transportation options and services to choose from. Still, there is no unicorn app that could become a magic pill for customers – this position is still vacant.

Source: Unsplash

11. Honeymoon Planning App

The wedding industry is offering so many options and destinations, but far many couples simply don’t have enough time to choose the most suitable one. Here’s where honeymoon planning apps can be handy. Such a solution could collect at one platform numerous country destinations, various hotel and entertainment options, as well as different budget levels, saving the time of the newlyweds and helping them to make a choice.

12. Virtual Travel App With VR Technology

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people could not travel, and that was the point from where virtual traveling started to develop drastically. Online sightseeing, galleries, museums, and even concerts - that’s only a small part of the virtual traveling services that a modern lifestyle app industry can offer. Now customers are eager to get an ultimate Airbnb-like solution, where they could choose any destination or sight they want to visit and feel as if they were physically traveling to that destination.

13. Cost of Living and Travel Budget Planning App

Budget is one of the main resources when it comes to traveling and changing geographical locations. Small businesses can help people to plan their budget, and choose the most appropriate route, hotel, restaurants, and transport via an ultimate web application with robust customization options.

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Scheduling Apps for Small Business: Perfect Management

Scheduling apps are now coming to the next level, allowing their users not only to remember their working and personal activities. They now act as true virtual assistants, managing and helping in daily life, where the most valuable resource is time. Below we’ve collected the most awaited scheduling solutions both for business and personal use:

14. Productivity and Scheduling App

Optimizing the employees’ workflow and productivity is task number one for businesses of all sizes. Digital solutions in this field allow for the automation of various manual tasks, eliminate unnecessary ones, and better allocate resources, saving one company’s time and money. The same goes for scheduling apps: they allow to automatically assign team members to tasks and track their productivity, streamline collaboration between departments and boost the overall company’s KPIs. Productivity or a time clock app for small business can be a great solution to invent in 2024.

15. Small Business Accounting App

With the digital era physical accounting books, manual entering ledger details, and exhausting paperwork have finally become history. Now the software market offers numerous accounting and inventory apps for small businesses to choose from. The one that could leverage both modern technologies and industry expertise, provide insightful visual statistics, as well as possess backup and recovery capabilities will be a good application to launch next year.

16. Cloud Storage App

Cloud technology is at its peak now with more and more companies shifting their assets to one or another cloud provider. The same goes for smartphone users: such functionality as zero-knowledge encryption, setting expiry date, and unlimited accessibility and scalability make this way of storing data preferable among customers. Small businesses that decide to create such an app with increased security and performance will certainly make a profit.

17. Online Backup App

When the company is small, it stores little data, so its managers usually don't think of backup and recovery options in case of an emergency. But when it grows bigger this question is coming to the first place with data security. The problem here is that quite often creating a data backup can be a challenging task once the company is scaled. The modern software market has numerous backup solutions, as well as inventory apps for small businesses, but many of them lack flexibility and scalability. The one that could possess unlimited storage, 100% security, an intuitive interface, and great customization options would definitely hit all the charts.

Small Business Fintech & Payroll Apps

Finance is the niche that is now actively moving towards smarter solutions, lighter interfaces, and more sophisticated algorithms to overcome fraud. Plus, financial companies are now getting rid of legacy systems and technical debt. Thus, the global fintech market is expected to reach $306 billion by the end of 2024, so below we’ve collected the top list of apps that can be in demand the next year:

18. Secure P2P Payment App

Peer-to-peer payments have become popular in social networks and personal chats, as they allow to transfer of funds to any person 24/7 without having to rely on third-party banking services or platforms. The only problem that’s left is the lack of security. A solution that could offer 100% secure money transactions with the help of facial biometrics, recognition, or other innovative technologies will become one of the best payment apps for small businesses.

19. Investment and Trading App

Trading and investing solutions like Forex are gaining popularity year by year, as people are eager to know more about markets, assets, stocks, funds, and how to make money using this knowledge. A trustworthy digital finance app that could monitor people’s bank accounts and automatically invest cash into the most beneficial shares, handle other everyday financial tasks, and track the overall spending, would become of the best new ideas for app development in 2024.

Source: Unsplash

20. Digital Insurance App

Digital insurance of personal banking deposits is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. The reason is simple: a huge amount of legacy software in this industry. If you’re thinking about which apps to invent, pay attention to digital insurance solutions. It would be great if your solution would be equipped with real-time data, risk management, personalized recommendations, and offers to provide customers with a handy way of protecting their assets.

21. Money Saving App

As life becomes faster it’s becoming harder to keep track of personal spending and allocate one’s budget. The software market is here to help its customers with this task: numerous money-saving and accounting apps are already in active use. But the problem is they’re not perfect: some can’t receive data from other applications, others have difficulties with reading SMS, etc. Creating a stable and user-friendly solution that could meet all customers’ needs is definitely one of the best ideas for app development for 2024.

Small Business Fintech & Payroll Apps: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been boosting the recent years, and there are no signs that the trend is going to change in the near future. It’s used now in almost every financial deal or banking service, and this tendency is spreading to other industries too. Here’re the top web app ideas for small businesses in this field:

23. Crypto Exchange Platform

People’s interest in cryptocurrencies and the profit they can bring is increasingly growing year by year. Millions of users are trying to make money online via numerous crypto exchangers, but few such platforms deserve trust due to a sophisticated user interface and unclear exchange rules. That’s why the cryptocurrency market needs a brand-new transparent and easy-to-use platform that could solve these problems and help to build trust towards cryptocurrencies and a decentralized financial market in general.

B2B Blockchain Platform Development | Fively
The team of business analysts and engineers from Fively participated in the creation of a B2B blockchain powered platform for mobility providers.

24. Blockchain Banking App

The finance and banking sector is one of the most vulnerable to fraud, as hackers all over the world are constantly trying to steal customers’ financial data through various cyber attacks. Blockchain is a superb technology that allows to cancellation of this problem due to a decentralized way of keeping clients’ data. Creating an ultimate customizable banking solution using this technology will definitely be one of the best app ideas to invest in 2024.

25. Digital Wallet App

Digital wallets like PayPal or SamsungPay are becoming more and more popular as this is much more convenient than keeping physical currency or even cards in the wallet. Experts forecast that the global e-wallet market will grow to $7,582 billion by the end of 2024. Although it’s hard to overcome giants like ApplePay or GooglePay, creating a payment app that could structure all these systems and quickly switch between them is one of the best app ideas for small businesses in the coming year.

Blue Oceans For Small Business

There are always apps that are missing in the software industry, but they could be extremely popular among customers once created. We’ve researched the actual demand for apps that need to be made and collected the most promising ideas below:

26. Tutorial App on Video Creation and Editing

Video making is a new popular hobby among youngsters and even older people: in the era of YouTube and TikTok, people are eager to make capturing and inspiring videos, using as much creativity as they can. Some even turn this hobby into a full-fledged job, which allows them to earn good money. But still, the market of video editors is lacking an ultimate tutorial tool, that could fit both newbies and professionals, as well as specialized tutorial apps for narrow niches of video creation, which could help people learn how to record, cut, process, edit and post their videos better.

Source: Unsplash

27. AR App for Clothes and Shoes Shopping and Fitting-on

The ingenious idea of creating an app that could tremendously help customers make their choices has been in use for several years in a row. But still, customers didn’t get the one Uber-like: simple, catching, flexible, and all-in-one. High usability, 360-degree viewing angle, fitting, changing, mixing with other personal clothes, online ordering, and smart e-payments - that’s what customers are eager to get in such an app. If any small business manages to create one, it will definitely change the shopping experience and the whole eCommerce industry forever.

28. Soulmaking and Dating App

Technologies make meeting friends and partners with suitable interests and priorities much easier than before. Despite the fact that they are already lots of such apps available on the market, customers are eager to get an even better tool with a more intuitive interface, detailed customization, and more sophisticated search functionality. It’s a good chance for small businesses to go on stage.

29. Pet and Animals Care App

Pets are no longer perceived just as parts of living nature, they have long ago become our friends and family members. Now people tend to care even more about them, providing them with the best nutrition, medicine, and entertainment they can. But in the fast-paced world, it can be hard to keep in mind and manage all these tasks. That’s where a pet care app could be a good helper. It could unite buying food, cosmetics, veterinary products, and care under one hood, saving time and money for its users.

30. Interior Design App

Nowadays people like to create things on their own rather than buy ready-made ones, and interior design is not an exception: this is a great field to express yourself in art. But the problem is that the web app market is still lacking a good tool that could suit ordinary people for this purpose. Small businesses that create one with great customization and visualization capabilities will definitely make a good bet.

So What’s Next?

By the way, if you have a bright web, mobile, or desktop app idea that could turn around the whole web app industry, we are always here to help you with its realization. Our custom software development specialists will recommend the most suitable tech stack to use, create the architecture for it from the ground up, and make it bug-free, well-performing, and user-friendly.

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Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

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B2B Insurance Claims Automation

We have developed an insurance claims automation solution, which robotically validates 80% of all insurance claims with no human involvement.

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Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

We have created an identity and access management automation system that is recommended for use even by the association of Danish Auditors.

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Web Platform Customization: WebinarNinja

Fively has provided web platform customization for #1 rated webinar platform by HubSpot, which makes it real to start your very first webinar in less than 10 seconds.

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