Fively Yearly Digest: Wrapping Up Unforgettable 2023

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Alesia Prytulenets

Dive into the past year at Fively, and discover all the challenges, victories, and innovative projects we came up with throughout 2023, as well as pop into our plans for 2024.

Ho hey, Fively! How’s your winter going? As the snowflakes gently settle on the windowpanes and the warmth of festive lights illuminates our spaces, it's the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and reminisce about the remarkable journey we've had at Fively in 2023.

This year has been a tapestry of achievements, challenges, innovation, and growth that has shaped us into a more resilient and dynamic team. From bagging prestigious awards to creating success stories that resonate with our ethos, 2023 has been a year of making an indelible mark in the world of software development.

Fively Yearly Digest. Source: Fively

In this Fively Yearly Digest, we're excited to wrap up the highlights, celebrate our milestones, and share the warmth and joy of our accomplishments with you. So, let's turn the pages of this memorable year and relive the moments that made 2023 a spectacular chapter in Fively's story!

Celebrating Success: Fively's 2023 Hall of Fame

As we turn the pages of Fively's 2023 journey, the first chapter that sparkles with pride is our array of prestigious awards. Each accolade below is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and the trust we've earned within the IT industry. Let's take a moment to bask in the glory of these achievements and reflect on what they mean for us and our valued clients:

  • TechBehemoths Triumph: Fively shone brightly in three major categories – Top Web Development, Custom Software Development, and ReactJs for 2023. This recognition from TechBehemoths, a respected name in the IT industry, underscores our expertise and commitment to excellence in these domains.
Fively is the top web dev, top custom software dev, and top React dev company in Poland
  • Clutch 1000 Elite: Joining the elite Clutch 1000 for 2023, Fively ranked impressively at number 166 among the top B2B companies globally, out of a staggering 280,000 contenders. This is not just an award; it's a reflection of our global impact and the high regard in which we're held.
  • Dual Honors from Clutch: The Clutch Global Leader and Clutch Champion titles for 2023 added yet more laurels to our accomplishments. These prestigious recognitions underline our leading position in the global market and our ability to consistently deliver top-tier services.
Fively entered the top 1000 B2B list of companies on Clutch, ranked 166
Alexey Kalachik, CEO and Co-founder at Fively
  • DesignRush's Endorsement: Recognized among the best software development and software testing companies, Fively's reputation for quality and innovation received a nod from DesignRush, further solidifying our standing in the tech community.
  • GoodFirms' Acknowledgment: Fively was acknowledged by GoodFirms as a Top Web Development Services company in Poland for 2023. This accolade highlights our proficiency in web development and our prominence in the Polish tech landscape.
Fively became the top web development company in Poland according to GoodFirms
  • Feedbax's Salute: As a Top AI Development and Cloud Solutions Company, recognized by Feedbax for the DACH region, we've demonstrated our cutting-edge capabilities in two of the most dynamic and critical areas of technology today.
Igor Yakutovich, co-founder at Fively

Each of these awards is not just a trophy on our shelf but a reminder of our journey, our growth, and our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. A huge thank you to our amazing clients who trust us with their visions, and to each and every member of our team who makes all these awards possible!

A Year of Innovations: New Inspiring Success Stories

2023 was a year of game-changing, bold, and innovative projects at Fively. We've had the privilege of working with the best partners on diverse and challenging initiatives around the globe. Here's a glimpse into our most impactful projects of 2023:

  • Digitalizing Insurance and Personal Finance:
  • With ComFi, we've transformed how personal financial management apps operate and serve users;
  • Our software development in legal document automation has brought efficiency and accuracy to this vital sector.
  • We partnered with Insly, transforming the insurance sector through cutting-edge digital solutions;
Insurance Policy Administration Solution | Fively
Fively engineers created a robust platform that enhanced digitalization in the insurance domain for more than 60 countries and 1000 daily users.
  • Elevating ECommerce:
  • Our collaboration with Sellix redefined eCommerce platform development, setting new benchmarks in the industry;
  • The Opply project stands as a hallmark of our expertise in ensuring top-notch quality for supply chain management tools;
  • SellerBench has been a revolutionary project, redefining profit recovery platforms for online merchants;

  • Innovating IoT: We took 3D printer remote control to new heights, showcasing our expertise in IoT development;
IoT Development Project: Remote Control for 3D Printers
Our engineers have taken part in an IoT application development project that enables 100% remote control for a 3D printer via a mobile phone.
  • Leveraging AI for Businesses:
  • Our AI-Based Marketing Automation Tool has redefined marketing strategies with its innovative approach;
  • Avo HR Automation Tool is our answer to modernizing and streamlining HR processes;
Hanna Boychenko, Product & Project Manager, Presales Specialist at Fively
  • Advancing Patient Management: We've developed robust systems that streamline patient management, enhancing healthcare delivery;
Patient Management System Solution
We took part in a cutting-edge workflow automation project to create a patient management system that totally reinvented the healthcare experience in Germany.
  • Collaboration Networks Reimagined:
  • We've collaborated with top-tier universities to develop platforms that revolutionize education management;
  • Our work with KnowApp is a testament to our ability to create engaging and dynamic social networking applications;
Social Networking App Development: KnowApp Case Study
We implemented a social networking app development project to create a video-based event and content calendar enabling 100% direct celebrities-fans interaction.
  • GreenTech for Sustainable Future:
  • The Veritree project stands as a stellar example of our capabilities in turning complex data into insightful visual stories;
  • We've developed systems that simplify the car park booking experience, merging convenience with technology;
  • Our travel booking app development project has made journey planning more convenient and user-friendly;
  • The Cycle Case Study is a revolutionary step in e-bike rental app development, setting new industry standards;
Cycle: E-Bike Rental App Development | Fively
Fively specialists created a bunch of modern apps for effective e-bikes and cargo bike rental and management available in over 85 cities in Europe.
Vlad Bondar, Business Development Specialist at Fively

Each of these projects embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As we reflect on these success stories, we're filled with pride and excitement for the future. Let’s fly with us to the new software heights!

2023 was a landmark year for Fively in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. We've not only expanded our horizons with multiple AI projects but also ran an initiative to educate our peers on some trendy AI and ML techniques. Here's a glimpse into our journey:

This year, we ventured into several AI projects, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. These projects, from Avo HR management tool to various sophisticated finance systems, showcased our versatility and expertise in AI.

Avo HR Automation Tool Development Case
Fively helped to create a breakthrough AI-based HR automation tool that boosts employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction in businesses of all sizes.

Plus, recognizing the growing demand for AI skills, we launched the Fively AI Academy. Our goal? To nurture AI talent in our company and help our peers learn some trendy AI and ML techniques. The academy offered a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Our efforts in AI didn't go unnoticed. We have already received several awards in this field, such as Top AI Development Company by Feedbax, and Top Cognitive Computing Company by Clutch. These recognitions are a testament to our team's hard work, innovation, and dedication to excellence, and next year we’re going to solidify our success.

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As we look back on these achievements, we're filled with a sense of pride and a renewed commitment to advancing the field of AI. Our journey in 2023 was just the beginning – we're excited for what the future holds and ready to continue our quest to push the frontiers of AI innovation.

Andrew Oreshko, AI & ML Specialist, Backend Engineer at Fively

DogQ's Stellar Year: Product of the Day & the Top Startup of 2023

2023 was a remarkable year for DogQ, our no-code testing platform, and marked by significant achievements and milestones that showcased our growing impact in the automated testing world.

Achieving the title of 'Product of the Day' on Product Hunt was a pivotal moment for us. This recognition underlined the innovation and effectiveness of DogQ, placing it in the spotlight amongst tech enthusiasts and industry experts.

Our nomination as one of the best startups of the year by HackerNoon further cemented our reputation in the testing community: it was an honor to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to advancing technology.

The trend of DogQ users' growth

Also, one of the most satisfying achievements has been the significant increase in DogQ users. This growth is not just a number – it's a testament to the value and reliability that our product brings to our clients' projects.

This year, we also welcomed many new clients, including Opply, Avo, and CYCLE. We're grateful for their trust in DogQ and are excited about the possibilities that these partnerships bring. Their faith in our product is a driving force for our continuous innovation and improvement.

Arina Lukashik, Product Marketing Manager at DogQ

As we reflect on these successes, we're inspired to push even further. Our journey this year has set a solid foundation for what we envision for DogQ's future, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative partnerships and exploring new opportunities to make DogQ an ultimate no-code testing tool for all skill-level users.

Launching Otomate: Revolutionizing eCommerce Product Data Management

2023 marks a pivotal year for Fively products: the launch of Otomate, our innovative, all-in-one solution that is aimed to transform the world of eCommerce product data management.

Otomate simplifies managing product listings across multiple sales channels, and ensures that all products are consistently updated and in sync, irrespective of where they are sold, streamlining brands’ online presence.

We recognize that editing products one by one can be a tedious task. That’s why Otomate brings the convenience of bulk editing, saving time and reducing manual effort significantly. This integrated approach to managing digital assets ensures a seamless and cohesive experience.

Otomate’s PIM capabilities. Source: 

Also, Otomate's tracking capabilities help ensure that online products are ready for various channels, minimizing errors and optimizing listing quality.

Daria Khatuleva, Marketing Manager at Otomate

Otomate represents a leap forward in product data management, offering a user-friendly, efficient solution for eCommerce digital assets management. Its launch underscores our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing solutions that address real-world challenges in eCommerce. Next year, we’ll continue to enhance our product to make it even more powerful and the ultimate solution.

Hanna Boychenko, Project Manager, Presales Specialist at Fively

Fively's 2023 Content Milestones: Charting Success on DEV Community & Medium

As we wrap up an eventful year at Fively, we're excited to share some of our key marketing and content achievements that have marked 2023 as a year of significant growth and outreach in the digital space.

Throughout the year, we shared our knowledge and insights through various interviews and publications. Our experts discussed the latest trends, challenges, and future prospects of AI, contributing to the broader conversation in the tech community:

  • Our Debut on DEV Community: This year, we expanded our digital footprint by venturing onto new platforms, marking a successful entry into a wider community of developers and tech enthusiasts;
  • Continued Success on Medium: Our articles on Medium have been gaining widespread popularity and recognition, provoking huge comment sections and numerous reactions and citations, reflecting the quality and relevance of the useful content we produce;
  • Insightful Interviews: We've had the opportunity to conduct 4 insightful interviews this year, each bringing unique perspectives and valuable insights into the tech world. These interviews have not only been well-received but have also helped to cement our position as thought leaders in the industry;
  • Top-Performing Technical Articles: This year, we enriched our blog with several tech articles by our Cloud Solutions Architect, Kiryl Anoshka. These articles have gained an impressive number of reviews, proving our team's dedication to producing high-quality, informative, and useful sophisticated tech content that resonates with our audience;
  • Expanding Horizons: As we reflect on 2023, a highlight at Fively has been the introduction of guest contributors to our blog. This initiative has enriched our content with diverse expertise, offering our readers a multifaceted view of the tech world.
  • Rising Recognition: The growing popularity and recognition of our articles across various platforms underscore our commitment to sharing knowledge and contributing to the broader tech community, where knowledge-sharing is paramount.
Usevalad Ulyanovich, Marketing Manager at Fively

Celebrating Community Growth: Fively's eCommerce LinkedIn Group Surpassed 1000 Followers

2023 has been a milestone year for Fively as we proudly announce the burgeoning success of our eCommerce LinkedIn community. In a short span, we've crossed an exciting threshold of 1000 followers, marking a significant achievement in our journey towards building a vibrant and engaged online community.

Over only 1 year, our LinkedIn group has become a thriving hub for eCommerce professionals, enthusiasts, and experts. It's a space where ideas are exchanged, trends are discussed, and collaborations are born.

Fively's eCommerce Community on LinkedIn Surpassed 1000 followers

The group has attracted a diverse mix of members, from seasoned eCommerce veterans to budding entrepreneurs. This diversity fosters rich discussions and varied perspectives, making our community a dynamic place for learning and networking.

At the heart of our community's success is the commitment to knowledge sharing about eCommerce software development, insightful articles, and helpful content tips, our members actively contribute to the collective learning of the group.

An eCommerce Profit Recovery Platform: SellerBench
We helped to create a game-changing profit recovery platform enabling eCommerce stores with 3 times faster and easier revenue cash back than the competition.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member of our LinkedIn community. Your active participation and support are what make this group a success! As we celebrate this milestone, we're also excited about the future. We aim to further grow and nurture our community, making it an even more engaging and informative platform for all things eCommerce.

Join us on LinkedIn and be a part of this vibrant eCommerce community as we embark on new adventures in 2024!

Embracing the Future with Gratitude and Aspiration

As we wrap up an incredible year at Fively, our co-founders extend their deepest gratitude to every member of our vibrant community. Your unwavering support, innovative ideas, and passionate engagement have been the driving forces behind our success.

Our journey wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of every individual associated with Fively! Working together, we've launched new products, reached new heights with our community, and garnered significant recognition. Each of these accomplishments is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the support of our valued customers and community members.

From our dedicated team members who pour their hearts into their work, to our loyal customers who trust us with their business needs, and our engaged community members who bring life to our online platforms - we are grateful to each one of you!

Our dedicated team members pour their hearts into the work. Source: Fively

As we step into 2024, we do so with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Our vision for the upcoming year is filled with innovation in the fields of AI, ML, custom software development, and further refinement of our products to turn them into top-market solutions.

To those who have been with us and to those who are yet to join our journey, we extend a warm invitation: be a part of our story as we embrace new challenges and achieve new goals. Together, let's make the coming year even more remarkable!

Custom Web App Development | Fively
We provide bespoke web application development services for various domains to help streamline our customers’ business and automate their day-to-day workflow.

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Success Stories

Our engineers had formed a solid tech foundation for dozens of startups that reached smashing success. Check out some of the most remarkable projects!

Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

Social Networking App Development: KnowApp

We implemented a social networking app development project to create a video-based event and content calendar enabling 100% direct celebrities-fans interaction.

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

Identity-Access Management Automation: Uniqkey

We have created an identity and access management automation system that is recommended for use even by the association of Danish Auditors.

B2B Insurance Claims Automation

B2B Insurance Claims Automation

We have developed an insurance claims automation solution, which robotically validates 80% of all insurance claims with no human involvement.

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

A Chrome Extension for Invoice Workflow Processing: Garmentier

Fively created a chrome extension for invoice workflow processing that provided customers with a personalized experience and allowed to increase sales up to 77%.

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Medical Resource Management Application: AviMedical

Fively has developed a cutting-edge custom medical resource management app for a chain of modern practices caring about numerous patients across Germany.

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

CRM Customization and Configuration: Volt

We have provided our CRM customization services to the company, that electrifies dozens of widely-known music festivals all across Europe.

Patient Management Platform: SNAP

Patient Management Platform: SNAP

Our engineers have developed a patient management platform that makes well-considered decisions based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Insurance Workflow Automation Solution

Insurance Workflow Automation Solution

Fively developed an insurance workflow automation solution that combines all steps from purchasing a policy to filing a claim and makes it a 5-minute procedure.

Web Platform Customization: WebinarNinja

Web Platform Customization: WebinarNinja

Fively has provided web platform customization for #1 rated webinar platform by HubSpot, which makes it real to start your very first webinar in less than 10 seconds.

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