New Year’s Eve is an ideal time not only for the great plans, but also for the core results. All year round we were glad to serve you with the hottest news and coming trends of the software world. Now we have collected the top of our technical articles together to help you refresh in mind the main high-tech topics of the outgoing year or probably get acquainted with them in case you’ve missed something. Here we go:

Free React Material UI Components to Speed Up Web Development Processes

3 min read

One of the primary goals of web development is to make the workflow faster without sacrificing quality. In order to achieve that, you probably fall back on the Figma templates. Some of them are fine while others turn out to be non-adaptive for different projects.

At Fively, we’ve had the same experience and decided to share our best practices with you through our platform with free Material-UI templates. Business owners, product managers, designers, developers or any other single players and even development teams can use these React Material-UI components to save their time, money and enhance operability.

How to Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

4 min read

A cross-platform application is aimed at functioning on several platforms. You can attract more customers due to such compatibility that is a cost-effective strategy. Mobile cross-platform development, though, has its own peculiarities.

The article tells about the most demanded tools among the cross-platform development companies as well as the rules of the app marketplaces according to which you will have to play to get an approval.

UI or UX: Telling the Difference

3 min read

Looking for specialists to make interfaces for your project, you will inevitably face job titles like UI or UX designer. The abbreviations are also widely used together with a slash, which gives grounds for more assumptions. What is behind UI/UX? This article gives a detailed interpretation of the terms by software development blogs and tells the difference between UI and UX.

4 min read

We at Fively admire frontend technologies. They never stop evolving and one has to make an effort to stay informed of all the changes because it directly affects the quality and functionality of the products to be built.

This blog post is an accumulation of our thoughts and trends in software engineering blogs concerning frontend development tendencies for this year and beyond, including ReactJS, AngularJS and Vue.js frameworks, Gatsby generator, Jamstack architectural principles and micro frontends specialisation.

Why You Need a PWA But Not a Native App

3 min read

When you realize that a mobile app must become an integral part of your marketing strategy, the question that arises is what kind of app you should get built. You may think we mean the dilemma between Android and iOS, but we don’t. Things are a lot more interesting because there is a worthy alternative to native applications - a Progressive Web App.

In this article, we will discuss a PWA vs a native app and explore the benefits of the first one such as low development costs, discoverability, and easy installation, which make PWAs a good alternative to classical native apps.

What is Technical Debt and How to Reduce Yours?

4 min read

The main idea of technical debt is that during software development you postpone some tasks to meet a deadline, but inevitably face the consequences of the work undone, which consumes even more of your resources and time.

The article tells about possible types of technical debt and highlights best practices of managing it like creating clear assessment, working in team and using agile development.

Building a Custom Medical Billing Platform - Challenges and Costs

3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of telemedicine have boosted the digitalization in healthcare. That’s why hospitals, physician offices, and private insurers are interested in having high-quality solutions that would meet their needs.

The main idea of medical billing software is to help medical providers to submit claims to insurance companies and get compensation for the services provided to patients. This blog post considers the key aspects of medical billing software systems, their development costs and challenges, as well as our company experience in this regard.

Best Frameworks for eCommerce Web Development

3 min read

Developing an eCommerce website, you make an important step towards delivering a relevant customer experience. If your business is ready for custom development solutions, maintaining a unique user experience, you must wonder what technical tools could provide them. The article tells about the most suitable frameworks for online store development with an explanation of their benefits to this business model.

Web Performance: Why You Should Care

4 min read

Cloud infrastructure and platforms, modern programming languages and smart architecture designs - all these things are superb, but worth nothing if your website performance is slow. If you make users wait for 3 seconds to browse your page, they won't do it for the second time, but rather search for a better experience at your competitor.

In our short review, we sorted out the most important benchmarks of your website performance quality and collected 14 front-end optimisation techniques from the best technology blogs to make it better.

We want to thank you for reading us and highlight that you can always find new articles about business and technology here and in the DogQ blog, which is our personal choice among the best blogs to read. Let’s stay together and may the coming year be fruitful and productive to you! Happy New Year!