Real estate tech is an upswing industry that is picking up momentum year after year. As in many other cases, numerous real estate companies perceive modern technology as an opportunity to improve the quality of their services and therefore gain a significant competitive edge over their business rivals.

Nowadays, services for the development of search platforms, flexible sales instruments, insurance or transactions automation software suites, as well as various AI/ML integrations, are wildly popular among property agencies. All these cutting-edge software solutions allow, on the one hand, realtors to get good deals, and on the other hand, buyers quickly find the house property of their dreams.

Fively is recognized as a fastest-growing real estate app developer

In July, TopDevelopers, a popular IT-centered review platform, conducted large research on software companies involved in the development of real estate applications. Consideration was given to the notable applications in the company's portfolio, the quality of the products released, and other industry-relevant metrics. Separately, TopDevelopers experts singled out promising software manufacturers that are growing in popularity on the market right now.

Fively, as a company involved in the engineering of house property solutions, was mentioned in this list as well.

We are very pleased with the fact that the results of our work have been highly appreciated not only by customers but also by experts in the industry. Fively developers always adhere to the highest quality standards, which sets us apart from many other software companies. Probably, for this reason, our custom real estate development services are in high demand today.

In our portfolio, you can find several products that have been built for real estate companies. For example, our engineers took part in the creation of data-driven real estate visualization and property search platform.

We also provide our clients with free consultations and project estimation – feel free to contact us.

Last but not least, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of the company. We will keep it up!