Customer-centric is the new black of online business. Clients and partners deserve being the focus of attention. This means quick and flawless customer service and easy access to crucial information on a product, user communities, support. Customers find answers and solve their problems faster without talking to a third party. Would you like to use this approach in your business? It’s time to explore web portal development in such a case.

A web portal is a great way to bring together all resources with a single access point. From a technical standpoint, it’s a web-based solution that contains information from various sources such as emails, articles, online forums and provides it in response to user requests. Unlike websites, web portals are private and intended for specific users who can log in using a specific ID and a password.

If you’re thinking about adopting a similar solution for your business, here is what a profitable web portal can do for you:

  • Enable self-service. Customers can search for information related to their urgent issues. In many cases, it’s more effective than creating a ticket, waiting for a support team to respond, and having a voice talk.
  • Improve interaction. You present relevant information in a logical and convenient way so that users don’t have to bounce between an article and a video tutorial. Besides, you may add real-time chats with your agents.
  • Enhance customer engagement. Your customers will feel valued and important as portal users. They get private access to the resources and individual approach while you get gratitude and loyalty.
  • Provide security. A portal is a private location and you allow only verified users to access. It’s a good way to protect user content and personal data.
  • Automate order processing. You get the ability to take orders on a portal and move them automatically to your partner store or warehouse.

Modifications of Web Portals

According to a domain, content strategy, objectives sought, or end-users, we can distinguish different types of web portals. Let’s consider possible modifications from different perspectives.

B2B Portals

B2B e-commerce is experiencing a shift. Businesses, sellers, and buyers want to streamline their operations, communicate and trade in a secure environment. With the help of B2B portal development, you’ll connect all market participants on a single platform.

There are several kinds of B2B portals according to the owner:

  • Sell-side. If you are a single buyer selling goods to a large number of buyers, choose this kind of portal. You’ll be able to cluster up the users and undertake additional trade activities like auctions.
  • Buy-side. When a company buys goods or services from multiple sellers, such a solution helps to set the tone. Announce a tender and enjoy procurement activities.
  • Free-standing. If you’re an independent party and don’t have direct participation in transactions, you may create a platform in order to provide independent ratings or reputable databases of buyers and sellers.

Subject Coverage

Business portals can also vary based on the structure and relations of the content presented to the users.

Vertical portals. If you want to focus on one business department or industry, a vertical portal or a vortal is your format. It may be a healthcare solution, a sports community, HR services, or a financial management project. Since business entities seek to differentiate, a vertical portal is a suitable form. At the same time, you may find hundreds of vortals on the same subject.

Horizontal portals. If you’re planning to draw together representatives of different industries and provide users with the option to get aggregated data from numerous resources, this type is for you. A horizontal portal removes the need to register on different platforms and apps in order to collect data or orders. A mega-site is another name for this kind that speaks for itself.

A Web Portal Project: Next Steps

When choosing between web portal modifications, you need to contemplate many factors and compare your business objectives with technical solutions. If you need a helping hand or a team gifted in B2B web portal development, Fively is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk and we’ll translate your requirements into a smart and profitable solution.