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Discover Fively expertise in data protection solutions: read how we created a cutting-edge data protection tool for a top-notch cybersecurity company.

About ZaveIT

ZaveIT is a trusted company in the global cybersecurity industry, headquartered in Norway, Bjoneroa. Its talented team of technical and business experts offers customers a top-notch cloud data protection and workflow optimization service platform. It enables IT resellers to efficiently build, sell, and manage their services. Being a young and promising startup, they aim at streamlining and automating business operations in various industries and fields like Construction, eCommerce, Retail, and Marketing, and make them totally secure due to zero-trust and RISC-based platform management.




Information services


2 years, ongoing


1-5 engineers

Tech stack


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workflows automated simultaneously


secure due to a zero-trust strategy


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Enterprise Data Protection Solutions Challenges

ZaveIT noticed that too many businesses spent enormous amounts of time on repetitive tasks and are not protected enough from various cyber security attacks when using multiple 3rd party systems. Our client wanted to make data protection an easy and quick procedure for everyone, so as to enable IT resellers and service providers with better services to their customers. They wanted to build a service platform ideal for IT resellers and service providers, that would be easy to get started and use.

The significant challenges were to create a cybersecurity solution protecting from various fraud tools, tactics, and types, and that can be at the same time a powerful CRM with impressive 3rd-party integration capabilities. Here classic data center security solutions weren’t enough, as they’re not so effective and can be hardly implemented into various CRM types. Thus, ZaveIT was looking for highly talented and skillful frontend and backend engineers to join their in-house team who could fulfill the following goals:

  • Optimize the work of the cloud data protection and workflow automation platform enabling IT resellers to efficiently build, sell, and manage their services;
  • Help to manage the project, estimate the scope of tasks, and set deliverable deadlines;
  • Enrich the secure data solution with powerful 3-rd party integrations;
  • Enable robust vulnerability scan and timely remediation recommendations for 100% data protection;
  • Add powerful backup and risk management capabilities to the protective solution;
  • Optimize the performance of the protective solution, enable its stable work, and resolve all the bugs on the client side;
  • Provide technical and maintenance support for the data protection and automation solution.

ZaveIT needed highly skilled on-demand developers, able to implement all the brand protection solution optimizations, enrich it with a set of new features, enable system integration with 3rd-party solutions, and fix arising bugs. The important factor in finding a software vendor was expertise in cybersecurity projects, extension development, as well as in AWS and Google Cloud Migration.

Fively has a bright portfolio with numerous projects in these fields, including rare expertise in creating Safari extensions, so after a short interview with our developers, they choose our team as the best suiting for this data protection solution development project. ZaveIT told us about the project details, and the current status of the solution, explained the scope of work, and our collaboration on a common project has successfully started in March 2021.

How Fively Helped ZaveIT

During this secure data solution project implementation, we provided not only professional and innovative engineering services and well-commented code. We chose the fitting architecture to tune its work on the client’s side, improved its performance, and fixed all the arising bugs. We also worked closely with the company’s software team, including QA engineers and DevOps specialists, helped to estimate the scope of tasks, and set deliverable deadlines for successful project implementation.

Project Architecture: To improve and optimize the work of this data protection solution, as well as to add all the necessary features we used the following complex architecture and toolset described below.

  • React - to use modular architecture in single-page app development;
  • Typescript - for interfaces declaration and following best practices of OOP;
  • Material UI - for super-catching, intuitive, and user-friendly pages layout;
  • Redux - for data fetching, transforming, and management;
  • Storybook - to make UI development faster and easier by isolating components;
  • Formik - to manage forms with complex validation with ease;
  • Rollup - compiles small pieces of code into larger and more complex ones;
  • Webpack - to build apps sources into static bundles via plugins for code optimization;
  • Draft.js - to build rich cross-browser text editors in React;
  • Day.js - to handle dates and times in JavaScript;
  • React Hook Form - to make form validation easy by aligning with the existing HTML standard;
  • Express.js - to create REST API endpoints for the client-server interaction;
  • MongoDB - to store application's data;
  • Kafka - to build real-time streaming data pipelines and apps that adapt to the data streams;
  • Reddis - to cache DB requests and speed up data fetching.

Team Structure: We fulfilled the given scope of the data security solution optimizations thanks to the client’s team extension with 2 of our highly skilled front-end and 2 of our senior backend specialists.

Communication tools: Right after the project started, we arranged quick and effective communication with the client’s in-house team to ensure a flawless development process. First of all, we started to use Jira for handy task scheduling, as well as Slack for prompt in-team communication and staying online in anything urgent happens. We also did daily standups to provide clear tracking of the current tasks’ status and discuss any initiatives in the project. Finally, we arranged monthly retrospectives for this data protection solution project to help everybody stay on the same page and improve any desired things.

The chosen project’s architecture, communication, and workflow management decisions allowed us to fulfill the platform optimization successfully, turning it into one of the best data protection software solutions in the market.

The Results of the Data Protection Project

As a result of our fruitful collaboration with the information services company, we created one of the best data protection solutions available on the market. Together with ZaveIt, we created a secure IT data solution that offers business automation services by connecting your CRM systems and other tools to this platform.

ZaveIT product users gain unlimited access to safe and secure virtualization capabilities of any 3r-party tools they need in their work, which is nowadays a breakthrough solution in the market. To be short, we get the following results in this secure data storage solution development project:

  • We optimized the work of the cloud data protection and workflow optimization platform enabling IT resellers to efficiently build and sell all type of products at any platform, which turned it into a top-market data management solution.
  • We provided the entire management of the project, estimated the scope of tasks for each sprint, set deliverable deadlines, and ensured the top level of communication at all the project stages;
  • We enriched the secure data solution with powerful 3rd party integrations and virtualization services so that its users can fulfill the whole scope of the needed operations using only 1 platform instead of multiple scattered solutions and automate more than 5 workflows simultaneously.
  • We enabled a robust vulnerability scan feature, timely remediation recommendations, and the fastest speed possible in detecting possible attacks. which resulted in 100% data management solution protection.
  • We added a powerful RISC-based management strategy and enabled the platform with such features as Backapp as a Service for M365 and enterprise BaaS. It allowed the protective solution to backup literally anything a user may need and help them never lose their data.
  • Our engineering team optimized the performance of the protective solution, enabled its stable work, and resolved all the bugs on the client side. Now we continue to provide technical and maintenance support for the data protection and automation solution.

With this total protect solution we have greatly simplified the workflow management in various business industries as well as made it 100% secure, which fuels national investment, helps businesses to reduce operational costs through simplification and automation, and promotes overall economic growth. After we will finish our work on a web application, we will also build a mobile application for ZaveIT for even more handy data management available anytime, anywhere.

Technology Stack for the Enterprise Data Protection Solutions

Cybersecurity is all about choosing the right technologies and tools. To create this top-market data protection solution, we used the following state-of-the-art tech stack.

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Redux
  • Formik
  • Rollup
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB
  • Reddis

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